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Asian baby on stomach holding stuffed whale toy.
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Elena Donovan Mauer
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5 Necklaces You Can Let A Teething Baby Chew

New moms have to give up necklaces until baby gets out of the grabby phase, right? Wrong! These stylish teething necklaces were made for babies to grasp, gnaw and suck. Hooray for accessorizing! Which teething necklace is your favorite?
Chewbeads Greenwich necklace
Photo: Photo: Chewbeads / The Bump
Etsy crochet nursing necklace


Photo: Photo: Etsy / The Bump
Teething Bling jade necklace
Photo: / The Bump
Dr. Bloom hexagon slide necklace
Photo: / The Bump
Momma's Jewels sterling silver necklace
Photo: Photo: Momma's Jewels / The Bump
PHOTO: Kevin Liu / Getty Images