The Teething Necklace to Soothe Baby’s Gums and Complete Mom’s Look

When teething time is at its worst, wear a teething necklace to help baby feel best while also looking your best.
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September 17, 2020
Baby chewing on teething necklace
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If swollen, painful gums are plaguing baby, you well know the troubles of teething. As those pearly whites push through, baby may be irritable and inconsolable with a mouth more tender than usual. Teething is a rite of passage for babies transitioning into tots, but that doesn’t make the process any easier for them—or you. That’s where a teething necklace can come to the rescue.

What Is a Teething Necklace?

Simply stated, a teething necklace for mom is jewelry she can wear and on which babies can safely chew. For as many different kinds of babies in this world, there may be nearly as many teething remedies. But only the teething necklace can help soothe baby’s sore gums while at the same time up your style game.

How Do Teething Necklaces Work?

A teething necklace works similarly to more traditional teethers, with the goal being to alleviate the pain in baby’s mouth. But the difference between a teething necklace and traditional teethers is the teething necklace is designed for you to wear around your neck as a fashionable accessory.

A baby tends to need more comforting mom time when gums fire up, so as you cuddle baby—and thus tie up your hands—the teething necklace offers a sensory tool easy and safe for baby to touch, hold and chew. Chewing on the teething necklace provides a gentle massage to relieve the pain caused by emerging chompers.

Are Teething Necklaces Safe?

The safety of a teething necklace depends upon the material from which it’s made and how it’s used. A teething necklace for mom can be made from all kinds of materials, but the best teething necklace is one that’s non-toxic and free of BPA, phthalates, lead and cadmium. That typically means seeking a stylish teething necklace constructed of medical- or food-grade silicone or wood finished with natural oils that won’t harm baby’s delicate system.

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Teething necklaces for babies are available, but teething necklaces for mom tend to be the safer option as “putting necklaces on young children is dangerous” according to a French study, which reported increased risks of strangulation and aspiration of small beads. When shopping for a teething necklace for mom, find one with a breakaway clasp to eliminate teething beads becoming loose if baby pulls too tight, as well as a teething necklace that is easy to clean, with a great option being one that’s dishwasher-safe.

Google “teething necklace,” and you’re likely to get bombarded with “amber teething necklace” results. Some believe the raw or heat-treated and polished Baltic amber beads from which this kind of teething necklace is made contains an analgesic substance soothing to those incoming teeth making mini-mouths tender. Butl amber teething necklaces have unconvincing science to back up the hyped claims, as well as many amber teething necklace safety concerns. In addition to strangulation and choking, it could lead to the teething beads cracking and splintering because amber is a soft and brittle substance.

Best Teething Necklace for Babies and Moms

With safety, soothing and style in mind, we’ve rounded up the 10 best teething necklace products to calm your teething infant while expertly accessorizing your mommy wardrobe.

Whether you wear it to dress up a casual tee or add an extra bit of flair to your work-ready attire, this silicone beaded teething necklace is sure to bring in the compliments. And baby will go goo-goo ga-ga over the stimulating bead shapes and colors that simultaneously offer teething relief and gum massage.
ItyBity Baby Teething Necklace for Mom, $15,

Who wouldn’t want to wear this one-of-a-kind handmade wooden teething necklace? As just a necklace, its natural beauty shines with all styles. This all-natural and organic baby-safe piece is made of maple and finished with a blend of organic beeswax and olive oil that is smooth to the touch, easy to keep clean and soft on baby’s delicate gums.
Alexa Organics Organic Nursing/Teething Necklace, $13,

Subtle iridescence adds gemstone quality to this silicone teething necklace. Busy baby can play away with the strand of beautiful bite-worthy beads. Meanwhile the teething necklace is so stylish everyone will know your mom game’s on point.
Teething Bling Pink Gemstones, $24,

Mommy chic and baby safe. What’s not to love? This chunky silicone teething necklace can keep baby’s hands busy and gums massaged, all while mom gets voted best dressed at the next mommy-and-me gathering.
Chewbeads Tribeca Teething Necklace, $25,

If a silicone teething necklace feels too much like wearing a children’s chew toy, go for a classier accessory in silver. The triple-linked rings include rattles inside, making them perfect for babies to hold, while the safety-tested silver makes a statement piece you won’t want to go without.
Momma’s Jewels 3 Ring Sterling Silver Teething Necklace, $339,

Add a natural feel to your everyday style with a wooden teething necklace featuring a fox pendant baby will love to grasp. Each bead is made from 100 percent apple wood and is hand cut to offer interesting texture just right for pacifying painful gums. Pair this necklace with a maxi dress for an easy look for a summer playdate at the park.
KangarooCare Fox Mala Teething Jewelry Handmade in Europe, $30,

You—and your baby—will drool over this double strand silicone teething necklace in a mix of contemporary colors. With beads in three different varieties, hard, soft and chewy, this versatile teething necklace is sure to please your wee one no matter what stage of teething baby is in.
Marotaro Harper All-in-1 Teething Necklace, $18,

With maybe the exception of the baby you hold, no one will ever suspect that this chunky boho stunner is actually a teething necklace. The large pendant pairs attractively with all kinds of outfits, while the soft silicone texture is soothing on swollen gums. And since it’s refrigerator safe, too, you can add cooling comfort when teeth popping in are at their most painful.
Consider It Maid Silicone Teething Necklace for Mom $22,

It’s not every day you hear of a woman’s stylish necklace being dentist recommended, but this eye-catching pendant is not only approved by a tooth doc but also invented by one. Knowing that it’s never too early to start oral health, Dr. Bloom created this teething necklace to help babies feel better when growing their first set of biters. Bonus: Mom looks hot wearing it.
Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels Sugar Plum Necklace in Turquoise Beach, $10,

Mix wood, cotton and silicone for a playful spring and summer accessory for you that offers a combo of texture to alleviate baby’s aches. Crocheted cotton beads add visual whimsy while the silicone beads and flower pendant give your wee one plenty of options for what feels best.
SisterFoxStudio Crocheted Teething Necklace, $20,

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