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Smart Sleep Advice (That You Won’t Find in Any Baby Book)

From singing Taylor Swift to a tiny foot massage, read on for some out-of-the-box strategies that really work.

As every new mother learns, getting your little one to sleep is really more of an art than a science. Want proof? Check out the 11 creative tricks below, straight from the mouths of some real (and well-rested) moms. Hey, don’t knock it til you try it!

“Massaging her feet with lavender-scented lotion. It’s a new bedtime routine and it’s amazing.” —Katie M.

“Rocking and singing ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift.” —Jodi M.

“Kisses! I kiss in between his nose on his forehead and he’ll fall right asleep.” —Arianna E.

“Laying her sideways in my arms, so her head was in my elbow and one arm dangling beneath. It was like magic.” —Megan P.

“We have this nifty little mechanism that came with her playpen that plays music, lights up, and vibrates. We place it on her Rock n’ Play or in her crib and she’s out like a light! —Lindsey S.

“Singing Jigglypuff’s song from Pokemon. She is definitely on her way to being a geek like her mom and dad!” —Amy L.

“Tracing light circles with my finger around her eyes and down the bridge of her nose.” —Lori J.

“Laying him on my chest and humming to music I played while I was pregnant.” —Jamie L.

“I had to put my daughter in her bassinet and vacuum or take her in the bathroom and take a shower. Any odd, semi-loud noise would soothe her.” —Lillian O.

“Bouncing with her on a bouncy ball.” —Alison O.

“Rubbing the side of her cheek with my finger. That one always works for her.” —Jessica C.

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