Three-Year Checkup?

My toddler’s three-year checkup is coming up. What should I expect at the appointment?
ByDiane Bloomfield, MD, attending pediatrician at The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in Bronx, New York
Mar 2017
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No need to stress about shots. The three-year-old physical exam is generally a needle-free affair, meaning there are typically no annual vaccines scheduled for this age.

Instead, your pediatrician will probably be looking closely at how your child is developing, both from a physical and from an emotional/ social standpoint. On the physical side, she’ll probably ask how things are going with hand-eye coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills, such as maintaining balance, riding a tricycle or drawing a circle. She may also ask about speech, language skills and other signs of cognitive development, and check up on your child’s  sleep habits and nutrition.

Remember, this is a good opportunity for you to ask any burning questions you may have about your child’s development or behavior — so write them down in advance and bring them your appointment so you don’t forget.

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