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How To Get My Partner Involved In Baby's Registry?

How can I get my partner interested (and excited!) about our baby's registry? I don't want to do it all by myself!

Getting your partner involved (and excited!) about baby's registry is no small feat — depending the guy. Picking out breast pumps, diapers and bedroom decor might not be your man's favorite thing to do, but it's still good to get him interested in all of the products you'll be buying for baby. A) Because it will help him feel essential at a time when there isn't much focus on him and B) Because he'll be using them and needs to know how!

Don't overwhelm him

Spening the entire day in the baby store is not his idea of fun, so plan to take a few short trips instead of a marathon registry run. Maybe check out strollers onling together first, so you're both on the same page about what you're looking for, and then head to the store for some test drives. He'll feel much more prepared and less stressed.

Hype up the things you know he'll love

Depending on what your guy is into, you might not want to focus on the onesies and the pacifiers. Does he have any interests — sports, maybe? Mention that they have baby Eli Manning jersey at the store. Music? Pink Floyd lullaby CDs. Techie stuff? There's a stroller that folds by itself and charges your iPhone. Whatever he loves, find some baby gear that goes along with it and really chat it up.

Hand him the scanner gun

Okay, this is a big one moms, so listen up. Holding the product scanner is a really important job and one that your partner is fit to do! So hand over the clicker, and don't pick a fight over it. Let him have control, and he'll feel essential to the process, which will make him more invested in getting it done right.

Here's what worked for other moms:

"I told him he could put whatever he wanted on the registry, fed him before and after, and bought him beer." —heatherh3

"I let him pick out a lot of the patterns on certain things, like the car seat and baby's bedding." —tinymama4

"My husband wasn't thrilled to register for things until he realized that strollers can be really awesome or really terrible. They have suspension and different kinds of wheels, and he thought it was the best. So park him in the stroller section and let him geek out!" — denvermama2

"I did a lot of research beforehand, so when we went to register, I was focused on exactly what we needed. My husband found that beneficial because he's not a big shopper and walking around willy-nilly would have made him crazy." —HelenL09

"One thing that my husband was really interested in was the safety ratings for everything. He totally took the lead on doing all the research on safety standards and doing a cost/benefit analysis on everything, specifically car seats and strollers." —ashleyh

"I gave him the scanner and let him zap away. I also let him have a say in some things and register for things that I wouldn't have if I were on my own." —jackieq33

"I told my husband, 'Help me or I'll just pick the most expensive of everything.' And it worked!" —yankeesgirl11

"He was so overwhelmed that I think it helped when I suggested we go and only look at a few big things at a time. The first day we went we picked a few strollers and car seats then went home to research them. He just needed the process broken down into bite sized chunks. It was good for me too — kept me from going overboard." —lorie654354

"I remind him that if he tells me he doesn't care about something, then I get to pick it with no objections from him. This reminder sometimes gets him to participate." -victoria+kev

"For the car seat, I set it up kind of like a challenge as to who could find the most safe, ideal color, etc. and he won! He is much better at navigating the internet than I am. He really enjoyed feeling like he had contributed. As far as breast pumps and nursery decor, I left him out of that. He really could care less what kind of pump I have, as long as I like it and it works. And he doesn't want to debate elephants or Dr. Seuss themes." -mama+daddy2be

*Some names have been changed.

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