Toddler Bedding?

What kind of sheets and blankets should I have in my toddler’s bed?
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March 9, 2020
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When your baby was teeny, you were advised to keep pillows, blankets and even crib bumpers out of his bed. But now that he’s a toddler — and capable of coordinated, independent movement — pillows and blankets are perfectly okay.

It’s best, though, to stick to child-size bedding. It’s too easy for a toddler, especially a young toddler, to get entangled in adult-size bedding. Blankets that are too bulky, or adult-size pillows, can be overwhelming for your child, or potentially dangerous. So stick with smaller items made especially for children; you’ll typically find them labeled “toddler bedding.”

You can give your toddler a bottom sheet, top sheet and comforter but don’t feel like you have to. Some kids prefer a simple blanket-and-bottom-sheet setup. And some want to keep using their beloved baby blankets. That’s okay too.

If your toddler is up for new bedding, why not bring him to the store with you? Let him pick out some sheets with his favorite characters. You never know — it might just make bedtime less of a struggle.

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