Q&A: Which Type of Pump Is Best?

What kind of breast pump do I need for exclusive pumping?
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ByErin van Vuuren
Mar 2017
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Your best bet for everyday pumping is a heavy-duty hospital-grade electric breast pump with a double collection kit. This is the most efficient option, with rapid “cycling time” (the suck-and-release cycle) to draw the maximum milk from your breasts. Hospital-grade pumps are super expensive to buy ($1,000+), but you can save some dough by renting them from a hospital, medical supply store or lactation consultant. You’ll still need to purchase the collection kit, which will run you around $50 to $60.

If you can’t manage a hospital-grade pump, a high-quality double electric pump like Ameda Purely Yours or Medela Pump-In-Style may work for you. These pumps are lighter weight and quieter than the hospital-grade pumps, but may not be as efficient.

Renting a hospital-grade pump is definitely worth the cash if you can swing it for the first six to eight weeks while you’re bringing in your milk supply. Once your supply is established, then you should be able to comfortably maintain it with a good quality store-bought pump.

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