Best Nursing Pillow: Nook Niche Nursing Pillow

A pillow that will support you through breastfeeding, bottle feeding and beyond.
ByThe Bump Editors
Jun 2018
Nook nursing pillow
Photo: Nook

Let’s face it: Feeding a baby—either from breast or bottle—is not the most ergonomically-friendly activity. And since it happens multiple times a day, for months on end, it can quickly result in serious discomfort for both mom and baby. That’s why a quality nursing pillow, with just the right support, shape and size, can be a lifesaver. Hitting the mark on all three counts? The Nook Niche.

What We Love

  • The unique square shape provides more surface area for your baby to get comfy, meaning this is a pillow that will grow with you and your (not-so) little
  • The kapok filling feels like memory foam, conforming to your baby’s position and providing just the right amount of firm support
  • No synthetic or chemically treated fibers will be rubbing up against baby’s skin, thanks to its completely organic composition
  • The pillow is also useful as support during tummy time or sitting practice, as a side sleeping pillow or as a reading armrest


The Niche delivers organic, comfortable support that will stay with you even after your babies are grown, making it well worth the investment.

Buy it: $100,


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