When Will Baby Start Walking?

I'm dying to know when baby's going to start walking. Also, at what age should I worry if she's not yet?
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February 26, 2017
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Better have your camera within arms’ reach around the 9- to 12-month mark — this is when your little guy will start to make some real moves. At first, baby will probably start by learning to pull himself up and stand before he’ll feel brave enough to take a few wobbly steps forward, usually by holding onto pieces of furniture or people’s laps as he goes. (This walking precursor is dubbed “cruising.”)

This means you better double-check that all sharp edges in the house are covered ASAP, and never move too far away in case baby takes a tumble.

Babies tend to take their first steps around their first birthday, but for some babies it can be more like 15 months or even later. “By 18 months, if the child isn’t walking, I usually take a closer look,” says Dr. Cheryl Wu. “In most cases, if a child is otherwise developing well, especially in the gross motor arena, he should be fine, but check with the pediatrician nonetheless.”

So even if baby doesn’t take off right away, that’s okay. Once his confidence kicks in, he’ll have you chasing him all over the house.

Expert: Cheryl Wu, MD, is a pediatrician in New York City

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