When Will My Baby’s Eyes Change Color?

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ByMercedes R. Donis
March 2, 2017
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In high school, I learned about genes by studying eye color. One’s inheritance of big B’s and little b’s determine whether their eyes will be light or dark. It was all so simple!  I assumed my babies’ eye color would be just as straightforward — my husband and I both have dark eyes. But it’s always fun to imagine your baby as the exception to the rule, and I wonder if it’s possible that at least one of my children will defy the oversimplified high school science explanation of genetics. After all, my mother comes from a German and English background and has blue eyes, and while my father’s Mexican heritage shows through in our darker coloring, we both have green and blue-eyed siblings. My husband, however, is also Hispanic and has no light eyed relatives that he can think of — no blue, gray or even hazel.

When the twins were born, baby girl’s eyes were darker and are now definitely brown. Baby boy on the other hand, has humored us with his fickle eye color. At two months old, his eyes are definitely lighter than his sister’s, but the color is very ambiguous and seems to complement whatever outfit he’s wearing. Experts now believe that eye color stabilizes around six months of age, but some people experience changes later on, like my cousin, whose eyes turned from blue to green in elementary school. Of course, both my babies are adorable regardless of their eye color! But it is fun to watch these changes develop as my children grow.

When did your baby’s eyes change color?  Were you surprised by the outcome?

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