Your Baby Is 39 Weeks Old!

Even if baby's language doesn't make much sense to you yet, keep talking to her. The more verbal interaction baby has with adults, the more her communication skills develop...whether or not the "conversation" actually means a thing. If she still isn't saying much, keep up the chatter on your own — point out things around the house, read her stories, and talk her through simple tasks like folding the laundry or making lunch as you perform them.
Mar 2017
Your Baby Is 39 Weeks Old!
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Baby’s cutting back
As baby nears her first birthday, she may start to show disinterest in regular activities like napping and nursing. It’s fine to follow baby’s cues — a nap a day may be all she really needs at this point, and it’s safe to replace some breastfeedings with solids.

**[tip] **Help soothe separation and stranger anxiety by giving baby time to get comfortable around new people before actually letting them hold her. It’s easier for her to warm up to new people once they’ve smiled at her, talked to her, and simply been nearby for a little while.

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