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Your Toddler: Month 19

This month: TelevisionJust because you can choose between Dora, Thomas, and 10,000 other toddler shows doesn’t mean you should let your child tune in 24/7. In fact — brace yourself — some experts say children under two shouldn’t watch any television. (Sorry!) The reason is development: It’s too easy for a toddler to zone out in the presence of TV instead of being stimulated by new experiences.

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Thank you vewy moosh
If you lead by example, baby may pick up some manners by now. This generally comes in the form of words like “peas,” “tankoo,” and “scoosme,” and saying “hello” to all 563 people that pass you in the airport. Sharing and playing peacefully with others may still be a challenge, but you can help by praising positive behavior and — sometimes — by letting the little ones work things out on their own. But go ahead and intervene if violence ensues.


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[tip]  Air travel? Assess your kid before accepting the offer to board early. Some toddlers do need the extra time to get settled, but others do better with as little time as possible in a cramped plane.

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