Your Toddler: Month 20

This month: Big-Kid BedsMost parents transition toddlers from crib to bed between the ages of one and a half and three years old. Not quite there yet? Take these steps first: Lower the crib mattress as far as it will go, and install a crib tent, which is a mesh tent that covers the top of the crib to keep him secured. Ready to take the plunge? Let your tot help you put his big boy bed together — it'll help him feel more ownership.
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Updated January 30, 2017
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I’ll do that myself, thank you
Your little rebel may be resisting every attempt you make at feeding, changing, getting him in the car seat, washing hands…just about anything. Toddlers this age like to feel like they’re in control, so offer lots of opportunities for him to “help” or make his own choices. Let him feed himself, for example (even if it’s messy), and if he says he’s done after two bites, so be it. You can also try conning your kid by asking things like “Do you want to bring your teddy for the ride, or your truck?” as you climb in the car instead of “Will you get in your car seat please?” or “Get in the car seat now,” which are both likely to elicit big, fat “no’s.”

[tip]  Feel like a short-order cook? It’s okay to let your toddler know that “this is what’s for dinner” and not offer other options. He won’t starve by refusing a meal now and then.

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