Your Toddler: Month 22

This month: Picky EatersMost toddlers do get proper nutrition when their parents serve a variety of foods — even if it doesn’t always seem that way. But, unlike adults who often eat out of habit or boredom, toddlers only tend to eat when they’re hungry. And remember: New foods are scary to your toddler. So manage your expectations; it may take inspecting new foods several times before he’ll actually taste them — so don’t force it.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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King of the crib
Your toddler is the center of the universe — his own, at least. Kids this age are rarely great at taking turns and can seem downright inconsiderate. Keep your cool and keep modeling good behavior. He’ll catch on, oh, in a year or so. Also try not to freak if your toddler starts fondling his private parts. This is normal for both boys and girls at this stage and isn’t cause for concern. (If you’re in public, try engaging your tot in another activity that requires the use of both hands.)


[tip]  Turn on the TV or have your spouse read a book aloud while you brush your toddler’s tangled hair — distractions are key.

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