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Your Toddler: Month 24

This month: Preparing for a New BabyThinking about baby #2? Introducing a new baby to an older child is always tricky, and bouts of crankiness are inevitable. Try reading books together about bringing home a new sibling, like Babies Don’t Eat Pizza by Dianne Danzig. Spend time around any babies in your family so he learns how to touch them gently. And, if he’ll be moving out of his crib or into a new room, make the change at least four weeks before you’re due so he has time to adjust.

He’s a big kid! (Well, almost.)
By two, the kiddo can really use his noggin. He’s playing pretend, sorting stuff into categories, and is hip to simple abstract concepts (like “sooner” vs. “later.”). He’s also getting more verbal every day, is sometimes whiny, and may be having a little separation anxiety. He likes to do things for himself and, of course, can throw a doozie of a tantrum. The fun part: He’s big on showing other emotions, too, like love and joy, and is absolutely smitten with his mommy.


[tip]  Instead of brushing teeth, let your toddler “paint” his teeth. This makes it way more fun.

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