Other Origin(s):Dutch, German, Scottish
Meaning:To hit softly; To strike with the head or horns; To bind, tie; Alliance, league; Plump, short, stout
Bunty is a classic last name and a gender-neutral name of British and German origin that conjures images of rolling fields in springtime and picnics in the park. In British, this playful name comes from the word “bunt,” which means "to hit softly" or “to strike with the head or horns,” giving the picture of your little one playing baseball for the first time or a little goat having fun across a beautiful meadow. Whereas its German roots nod to the bund, with the definition of “to bind” or “tie,” as well as an “alliance” and “league.” As baby travels across the world, they’ll also find that their name is a term of endearment from a Scottish word for “plump,” “short,” and “stout,” similar to a beloved teacup nursery rhyme. Whether baby has an admiration for animals, a love for cute tunes, or is going to be part of a league of their own someday, the name Bunty is sure to be a good pick.
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