Updated May 22, 2022

Deciding to raise baby in your religion was probably a no-brainer. Holding your faith as dearly as all of your loved ones is just a part of the deal! Getting across this message of deep love in just a few letters is a heady task. Finding the perfect name that encapsulates all your feelings for baby can be made easier when considering the gorgeous selection of Christian baby girl and boy names right here.

Christianity is a monotheistic religion practiced all over the world. Making up the world’s largest base of believers, there are 2 billion and counting Christians! With the largest groups being in the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Protestant Church. Because of the widespread influence of Christianity, there are names perfectly embodying your faith while also reflecting your heritage! From Greece to Mexico and plucked throughout the pages of history, Christian baby names offer a gorgeous, wide variety.

Picking a Christian name is to identify the cross-section between your love of your religion and your love of baby. With goals to pass on the core values you hope baby lives by, picking the perfect Christian name can feel like a giant decision. A name is an opportunity to pass on your beliefs in just a few syllables. Coming in the form of Christian baby girl names like Ana or baby boy names like Sebastian, and plenty of lovely names in between, you and baby have the cream of the crop to choose from!