Meaning:Wild goose
Cohen is a gender-neutral name of Gaelic origin. This is the Anglicized spelling of the Old Irish surname “O'Cadhain” (pronounced o-kyne) or “O'Comhdhain” (o-coyne), derived from the Gaelic word “cadhan,” meaning “wild goose.” However, the rambunctious energy in this little moniker couldn’t possibly be contained to one spelling. Variations include “Cowan,” “Cowen,” “Coen,” and “Cohen.” However, it is important to take stock, when looking into spelling variations, that there are other connotations associated with the version “Cohen.” Cohen is a boy's name of Hebrew origin, meaning “priest.” Primarily a surname, but Cohen has risen in popularity as a first name throughout the US in recent years. But this name and term is the priestly caste descended from the prophet and elder brother of Moses, Aaron in Hebrew tradition. So when it comes to variations, the Gaelic version or an homage to the Coen brothers could be your golden ticket—or egg!
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