Other Origin(s):Greek, Scottish
Meaning:Maiden, daughter; Beloved child
Emogen is a variant of Imogen, a girl’s name of Scottish and Irish origin. It’s believed to have been invented by a Shakespearean printer when he misspelled the Celtic name Innogen in Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline. The Innogen that the play was based on was the wife of Brutus of Troy, the first king of Britain. Her name is believed to derive from the archaic Scottish and Irish word inghean, meaning “daughter” or “maiden,” with other variants including Ennoguent and Innoguend. Another theory is that it derives from the Greek words inno and gen, meaning “beloved child”—a fitting meaning for your precious bundle! Imogen has long been a much-loved name in the UK, and is starting to catch on in the States, too. Emogen adds a unique twist by replacing the “I” with an “E,” perhaps inspired by the classic names Emma and Emily.

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