Other Origin(s):Norse
Meaning:Soldier; Sámi; Wanderer
Give baby a bold and courageous spirit by naming them Finney. Beautifully suited to both boys and girls, Finney has a cool and unassuming energy. Tracing back to Irish roots, Finney means “soldier,” as it’s linked to the surname O'Fiannaidh. The Fiannas were a group of warriors famously led by Fionn Mac Cumhaill, who roamed the lands, according to Irish mythology. Finney also has Old Norse ties. Taken from the element finnr, it signifies “Sámi,” referring to those who live in the Sápmi region, originally known as Lapland. This term is most likely derived from the Proto-Norse word for “wanderer.” Whether baby has ambitions to fight for what’s right or has dreams of exploring the world, with a name like Finney, they’re certainly going places.

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