Other Origin(s):Arabic, Greek
Meaning:Jehovah's echo; Sweet; Leader; Guide
Hediah is a triple-threat girl's name of Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek origins. This gorgeous moniker unites two cultures to form an overall meaning of "Jehovah's Echo." In Hebrew, hed means "joyous shout," perhaps alluding to the name's interpretation of "echo." Hediah also shares similarities with the Arabic names Hadi, Hédia, and Hadia, pointing to a female "leader" or "guide" who acts as a spiritual mentor to stay on the right path. Interestingly, Hadi is also one of the titles given to Allah, allowing your little one to foster a meaningful connection to their beliefs. As a bonus, Hediah is also thought to have come from the Greek translation of the New Testament's hedus, which gave way to the English adjective "sweet."

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