Other Origin(s):Arabic, Celtic, Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Welsh
Meaning:To pray; Light; Gold; Great queen; One who belongs to the noble people; Most holy; Fragrance; Basil
With its variety of roots and meanings, Orareeana can give baby plenty of inspiration. This feminine name can act as a blend of Ora and Areeana, or Ora and Reeana. With Ora, it can come from the Latin oro, meaning “to pray,” the Hebrew or, meaning “light,” or even the Latin aurum, meaning “gold.” Whether or not you plan on connecting baby to your faith, these meanings can always remind them that they’re the priceless light of your life. The second half of the name can come from the Welsh and Celtic Rhiannon, possibly meaning “great queen,” elevating baby’s confidence from the start. Orareeana may also come from the Persian and Greek Ariana, meaning “one who belongs to the noble people,” or “most holy,” respectively. It may also have links to the Arabic Rihanna, meaning “fragrance” or “basil.” With a variety of meanings to inspire your bundle of joy, Orareeana can make for a great name choice.

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