Meet the 10-Week-Old With a 2-Hour Hair Routine

ByKelly Corbett
Mar 2017
Baby getting its hair brushed
Photo: iStock

Some babies are born with a bare head. Others, not so much.

Meet baby Amelia, a 10-week-old who was born with such a head of hair that it takes her mom, Kayleigh Marsh, two and a half hours daily to style it.

This elaborate hair routine was untangled on This Morning, a UK-based morning program. Fortunately, Marsh isn’t actually combing Amelia’s mane for nearly three hours straight, but explains it’s a lengthy process.

First, she applies baby oil to Amelia’s head. Then she allows it to sit for two hours. Finally, she’s able to style the now-managable hair.

Hair goals? Yes!

But Amelia’s not the only baby who was born with luscious locks. Last year’s hottest head was baby Coral.

And how could we forget about the mane so exceptional it got memed?

Needless to say, we have a feeling these babies will get that first haircut earlier than most.

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