Baby Goes Viral on TikTok as a Candle-Sniffing Connoisseur

Sunday Kramer’s candle reviews have developed a cult following thanks to her honest sniff reactions ranging from ‘Oooh Nice’ to ‘No, no, not that.’ Learn more about the scent phenom and what candles are Sunday approved here.
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January 10, 2023
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When shopping for a new candle for your home, you might consult Good Housekeeping or Wirecutter for recommendations or maybe you head to TJ Maxx to sniff for yourself. But among it all, a new unexpected scent authority is going viral for her opinions—2-year-old Sunday Kramer.

The Dallas-based baby has amassed almost 10 million likes on her mom Bri Kramer’s TikTok for her adorable, straightforward "reviews” of popular candles. From luxury scents by Tom Ford to household scents by Bath & Body Works, she’s on a mission to sniff them all, with commenters throwing out ideas for the next scent to try.

Image: Courtesy Bri Kramer | Sunday pictured with the Voluspa Capri Blue candle to which she immediately said “more that!”

For each candle, sweet Sunday takes a whiff before reacting with adorable reactions ranging from an excited “Oooh Nice” in response to Bath & Body Works’ Mahogony Teakwood to a confident “No, no, not that” in response to Trudon’s luxury candle Spella.

With such conviction and, of course, cuteness, TikTok lovers can’t help but take her word as truth. “The way this baby could influence me into buying this candle,” commented one user, while another added, “The only review I trust.”

While Sunday has only been doing candle reviews since November, Kramer says that her daughter has always loved scents and has been pretty consistent with her likes and dislikes. “When she was around 6 months old, I would have her smell spices in the pantry. I just was kind of experimenting to see if she would remember scents and if she would have a preference, and she really did,” she told TODAY in an interview, adding that some of Sunday’s favorite scents are cinnamon and matcha — which she asks to smell every day.

Curious to know what other scents topped Sunday’s list? Here are five “Sunday-approved” candles you can add to your home.

  1. Jackson Vaughn Folklore. Notes of pomegranate, spicy peppercorn and charred sage. Buy It: $44,
  2. Capri Blue Volcano Candle. Notes of tropical fruits and sugared citrus. Buy It: $36,
  3. Diamond Candles Falling Leaves Ring Candle. Notes of pine cones, crisp green apples, fresh leaves, patchouli and woodland spices. Buy It: $24,
  4. White Barn Works Champagne Toast. Notes of bubbly champagne, sparkling berries and juicy tangerine. Buy It: $26,
  5. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Candle. Notes of jasmine, tea and flower petals. Buy It: $110,
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