One Mom’s Low-Clutter Easter Basket Ideas Go Viral

Easter is just a hop, skip and a jump away! If you’re hoping to assemble a basket that’s a hit but cuts the clutter and chaos, check out these tips.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Published March 31, 2023

In many ways, Easter has transformed into its own mini-Christmas morning. With kids excitedly tearing into elaborate baskets packed with sugary treats, toys and more. While a memorable part of a special celebration, after a few hours or days, it’s easy to grow annoyed with the clutter from leftover plastic trinkets, cheap toys and more. Before you decide to forgo the whole tradition or deal with the mess, one mom is here to save the day with a better way.

KC Davis, creator of the mental health platform Struggle Care and author of How to Keep House While Drowning, is taking a stand against the chaos with expert tips on crafting the perfect clutter-free basket for kids. At the start of her now viral video, Davis laments her personal ongoing struggle with clutter from elaborate Easter baskets.

“I’m a mom, and I have made it my mission to have low-clutter Easter baskets…because I am someone who loves to go overboard with Easter baskets and I am also someone who hates the huge amount of little plastic and extra toys that often get included in Easter baskets,” Davis admits. “Hopefully, this will give you guys some ideas if you also want to have a magical morning with a big Easter basket but also not have a bunch of extra crap in your house."

Davis quickly launches into three categories that she includes in the reusable Easter baskets for her kids each year.

The first category: things my kids need anyways. Davis lists off several items that her kids regularly need but would find exciting, including, color drops for the bath, a new toothbrush with their favorite character, new crayons, fun bandaids, new water bottles, new swimsuits, sandals and socks.

The second category: no clutter, low-clutter edibles. “They both get a chocolate bunny, and my kids always ask to make cake, so they’ll be cake mix and icing and these little decoration things and sprinkles. These will be in their Easter basket, and they’ll be so excited because they’ll be like, ‘oh my god, that means we are making a cake today,’” Davis shared.

The third category: things intended to be used up and done with. This category includes items like sidewalk chalk and chalk stampers, which may be used for arts and crafts but, within a few weeks, will be used up and gone. “They both get a bubble wand. This will be so fun for four days, and then it will be out of my house forever,” Davis jokingly notes.

Not every item is made to be used, eaten or thrown out though. Davis concedes that she does include one “actual toy, a stuffed bunny, cause it is Easter.” She also notes that for those who don’t want to do a bunch of candy sticker books are a great replacement. “I put a sticker book in each of their baskets last year and then filled all the little eggs with individual stickers.”

Davis’ video proves with a little creativity, it is possible to have a magical holiday experience in a way that is both exciting and sustainable for your family. Looking for more ideas for a low-clutter, low-sugar Easter basket for your little one? Check out these affordable and safe items your toddler or baby is sure to love.

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