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Doing Arts and Crafts With Your Toddler? You Need to Take This Glue Stick Pledge

"I am not going to eat it!"
PUBLISHED ON 04/26/2018

Coloring is one of the easiest ways for your child to express creativity while also working on those fine motor skills. And you’re probably eager to encourage it! A word of warning, however: Eventually, your kids are going to want to paint. And cut. And glue. It’s going to get messy, folks. Before you dive in, you need to make your kids take the Glue Stick Pledge.

The Glue Stick Pledge is the hilarious brainchild of kindergarten teacher Emerald Amethyst, known as Miss Barton to her students. Ahead of a class project, Amethyst gave each student a brand new glue stick. But they had to promise to use it responsibly.

Take a look:

Repeating after their teacher, the kids promise they are “not going to eat it” and they are not going to “twist it all the way up…and then scribble on the paper.”

We’re not totally convinced they’re going to adhere to the pledge, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

The Glue Stick Pledge is just one of many adorably funny posts on The Kindergarten Chronicles, a Facebook page Amethyst started last year. (Yes, she has permission to post about these kids online.) But The Kindergarten Chronicles is intended to do more than just make you laugh.

“It is a comedy page for teachers so teachers all around the globe can connect and just relate,” Amethyst, who’s been teaching kindergarten for three years, says in a previous video. “So I post things that are relatable to teachers, but I also am posting that so other people can see what we do on a daily basis, because a lot of people think that we just play with children and give them toys, when really it’s so much more than that.”

It’s teachers like Amethyst who are responsible for nurturing your child’s educational and social development—and responsible for teaching them not to glue like monsters. They deserve all of our gratitude and support.

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