Mockingbird Launches New 2-in-1 High Chair With One-of-a-Kind Features

The beloved stroller brand’s latest invention “solves everything parents don’t like about their high chair.” Say goodbye to crumb-filled crannies, gross straps and lackluster support.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Updated November 1, 2023
mockingbird high chair
Image: Mockingbird

Mealtime with little ones isn’t easy. From trying new foods to learning how to eat with a spoon, it’s a messy process, and the last thing parents need is another thing to make it more difficult. For decades, though, parents have had to deal with ill-fitting high chairs that collect crumbs, are hard to clean and are a bulky eyesore around the home.

In hopes of making the lives of parents a little easier during and after mealtime, beloved stroller brand Mockingbird has gotten to work creating its first-ever 2-in-1 high chair.

Mockingbird 2-in-1 High Chair

mockingbird high chair
Image: Mockingbird
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According to Mockingbird its new product is designed to “solve everything parents don’t like about their high chair.” The Mockingbird High Chair was cleverly created to address five major issues parents report having with their high chairs.

1. Hard to clean

Mealtime is undeniably messy but that doesn’t mean clean up should be a pain. For years now high chair companies have tried to come up with ways to make cleaning your child’s high chair less of a hassle.

Mockingbird has taken this crusade for cleanliness to the next level, creating one-of-a-kind removable straps that can be thrown in the dishwasher so you aren’t dealing with days old slobber and stickiness each time you stap in your little one. Mockingbird has also minmized cervices in the tray design to prevent hidden crumbs from getting cauight and included a dishwasher safe tray liner that you can remove with one hand.

2. Takes up too much space and isn’t aesthetically pleasing

Parent don’t have to put up with a garish primary blue or red color scheme and bulky design anymore. Mockingbird’s minimalist and modern design in neutral tones will blend into any space and it’s space-saving footprint is designed to tuck under the table so its out of the way of day-to-day foot traffic.

3. Doesn’t properly support early eaters

During baby’s early months it can be hard to find the perfect fit. To keep up with your little one’s constant changes Mockingbird created a tool-free adjustable footrest with four positions to allow for baby’s feet to meet the footrest for increased stability. And adjustable tray helps customize depth and height for proper seating position and a supportive seat with adjustable 5-point safety harness helps keep baby upright in a proper seating position at all ages and stages.

4. Frustrating set-up and adjustments

From the moment you pull Mockingbird’s high chair out of the package everything is included, no tools needed. Easy assembly and adjustment ensures that you can convert the chair from a high chair to a child chair when its time for your toddler to upgrade.

5. Not flexible to meet our evolving needs

Speaking of an easy evolution, Mockingbird took care to ensure it was not only designing the best high chair possible but also the best child chair. The high chair converts to a child chair with a max weight of 150 pounds in seconds.

The Mockingbird High Chair is now available for purchase at

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