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It Took a Bad Stomach Bug for This Mom’s Partner to Understand All That She Does

“I was you for 48 hours and now I understand why you lock the door at night to have that shower.“
PUBLISHED ON 06/12/2019

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Just ask Laura Mazza’s husband.

Last week, the mom of three came down with a nasty stomach bug, and as a result was out of commission for a few days. Her husband had to take on the role of Dad and Mom in their house, and boy was it an eye-opening experience. Tired and run down after just a couple of days, the dad wrote his wife a sweet note to acknowledge all that she does every day.

“I have always thought your job as a mum is important. I’ve never doubted how much you do. But I underestimated it,” he admits.

He says ever since becoming a mom, Mazza has given herself up to their kids, constantly putting their needs before her own. “You are the most selfless person I know. How do you do that every night,” he asks in awe.

When tasked with the job of watching the kids and getting dinner ready, the dad turned to fast food to help him get the job done. “The kids got KFC and Maccas every night, because it’s hard to watch them and make dinner,” he admits. “I believed you when you said James was clingy, but that kid isn’t just like Velcro, he is Super Glue. I had to hold him and do things with one hand, while Sofia turned into the devil and Luca didn’t listen to me. I did that wild scream you did. I know where it comes from now.”

At his lowest point, he even questioned whether being sick would be easier than doing everything his wife normally does. “I was you for 48 hours and now I understand why you lock the door at night to have that shower. I’m exhausted," he says. "You are a good mother, my beautiful wife. Never doubt yourself.”

“See ladies, all you need to do is get horrible gastro and then they’ll get it,” Mazza jokes.

Parenting with your partner is all about sharing roles. When you divide and conquer, your relationship and your family as a whole will thrive. Figure out how you’re going to split the roles, and you’ll be all the better because of it.

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