Barbie Gets a New Look Exclusively for Toddlers

My First Barbie dolls are available in four diverse skin tones and feature larger accessories, easy-to-dress Velcro fashions and a larger, soft doll body.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Assistant Editor
Published January 17, 2023
my first barbie for toddlers and preschoolers
Image: Courtesy Mattel
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Ahead of this year’s highly anticipated Barbie film, toy maker Mattel is bringing the magic of Barbie to its littlest fans. The brand recently announced the debut of its newest line, My First Barbie, the first-ever Barbie doll specifically designed for preschool-aged children.

The My First Barbie doll is available in four different diverse skin tones and has several tweaks from the classic mode that are designed to make it better suited for toddlers. The new model stands 2 inches taller than a standard Barbie doll and has a softer body, more articulated arms and legs, closed hands, younger facial attributes and long rooted hair—making it easier for younger children to hold and maneuver throughout play.

For parents who hope to work on their little one’s dexterity and worry that a standard Barbie proves too difficult to grasp, the My First Barbie also features easy-to-dress velcro fashions and larger accessories that foster easier, more frequent play. Fun fashion packs, pets, a bedroom playset and a teatime playset, are all specially crafted for younger fans to explore storytelling themes they love.

Image: Courtesy Mattel

“Parents had a desire to introduce their preschool-aged children to Barbie but were planning to wait until they were older with more developed dexterity. Our research and feedback from parents was essential to creating a Barbie line that could not be better suited for little hands and preschool fans,” said Mattel’s Vice President of Global Consumer Insights, Tasja Kirkwood.

My First Barbie is Mattel’s latest effort to expand and diversify it’s Barbie brand. Barbie has also made headlines over the past few years with its Fashionista line, complete with a Barbie in a wheelchair and one with a prosthetic leg and a gender-neutral line of dolls. The brand has also shed light on inspiring women like Ella Fitzgerald and real-life superwomen like tennis champ Naomi Osaka.

Parents can now purchase the My First Barbie doll on Amazon and Mattel or at Walmart and Target. The basic My First Barbie Doll starts at less than $20. Mattel also plans to release a YouTube series around My First Barbie and all of her adventures with family and friends on Jan. 31.

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