Meet Landon: the Toddler Behind the Hilarious Viral Meme That’s All Over Social Media

“Every family has that one kid.”
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ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
Jul 2019
kid being funny and sticking out his tongue by window
Photo: Paco Navarro / Getty Images

When Marika Daniels posted a funny picture of her children on Instagram, she turned to her followers for help coming up with a fitting caption. The Internet didn’t disappoint.

The hilarious photo shows her three children proudly holding up their catch of the day. Well, two of the brothers are, one has the fish he caught shoved in his mouth. It wasn’t long before Landon, the youngest brother, became the center of a viral Internet sensation. By now, you’ve probably come across the funny meme, which reads “every family has that one kid.” And how true it is.

Like any proud mom, Daniels wanted to take a photo to document her little fisherman. Preoccupied with trying to get Levi, 4, and Logan, 3, to look at the camera, she didn’t even realize what her youngest was up to, according to

Once all was said and done, she couldn’t help but share the picture online, where her friends, family and online strangers can’t get enough of the unforgettable Kodak moment. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words…Well this one is a fishful,” the boys’ mother jokes on Instagram.

And although viral trends come and go, Daniels knows she and her family will look back at this picture for years to come. “I am actually excited for the boys to reenact this picture in their 30s. That’ll be hilarious,” she says.

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