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Are Blankets Okay For Baby?

My daughter seems to be especially attached to one of her blankets. Will she be able to sleep without it?

Many babies, especially as they approach their first birthday, adopt a lovey (also known as a security, comfort, or transitional object). It's actually a good sign. It shows that your daughter is finding a way to soothe herself when she's anxious or away from you. So embrace the blankie!

To ward off potential disasters, see if you can find another blanket just like the favorite, and rotate the two so they wear equally. Or you can cut the blankie in half. Wash them regularly so your daughter doesn't get too attached to the smell of the unwashed blankie (ick). And if you establish a crib-only rule for the blanket now, you'll likely save yourself some headaches down the road.

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By Jennifer Shu, MD, FAAP