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Sleep Problems

Best Baby White Noise Machines And Soothers

Desperate for a good night’s sleep, mama? These baby sound machines and soothers may be just what you need to help your baby snooze longer (you can thank us later!). And they're pretty cute too.

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Cloud B Sleep Sheep

A favorite among moms, this soft, cuddle-worthy guy plays the sounds of rain, the ocean, whale calls and mom’s heartbeat., $30

*Editors' note: Don't overdo it! Experts recommend lowering the volume on sound machines and utilizing their timer settings, so you don't risk harming baby's hearing.

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Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System

This easy-to-use soother plays the sounds of ocean waves, lullabies and Mozart. It even has voice activation and a sleep timer, so you can set it to automatically turn on when baby cries or to turn off once baby finally falls asleep., $30

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Marpac Sound Screen 980A Dual Speed Sound Conditioner

Tuck this in the corner of your fussy sleeper's nursery right before bedtime and get ready to be amazed! A constant, smooth "swooshing" sound of rushing air will help relax baby before he drifts asleep. You can take it on-the-go or keep it at home for baby's most restless nights., $57

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Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Bedtime is tough for baby, but with these adorable underwater nighttime pals, he'll love his crib again! It comes with four soothing modes to help put baby to sleep and plays more than 25 minutes of music. But it isn't made _just _for baby — a special Drift-Off feature dims the lights and music gradually every ten minutes so you don't have to worry about standing by to turn it off., $45

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Baby Shusher

Yep, it's exactly like it sounds! A special doctor-tested (and approved) design makes even the fussiest baby's sleepy. Trust us, mom, you're going to love it., $35

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Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

Got a noisy household? Use this little machine’s white noise setting to block out ambient noises so baby can get some sound sleep. It also plays lullabies, nature sounds and music from your iPod (just plug it in!)., $41

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Cloud B Gentle Giraffe

The Sleep Sheep’s African cousin, Gentle Giraffe plays sounds of the Serengeti and Victoria Falls — perfect for a jungle-themed nursery., $31

By Kylie McConville