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Top 6 Home Pregnancy Tests

When it comes to home pregnancy tests there are several things to consider. We took six favorite Bumpie tests and broke down what each offers to help you decide which one’s best for you.
Best Early Test: First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

How it works: The First Response Early Result (FRER) is your typical pee-on-a-stick test, with a newly-redesigned curved shape and wide tip that makes it easy to use. Hold it in your urine stream and it will pick up any pregnancy hormones. Three minutes later, the test will show one pink line if you’re not pregnant and two lines if you are. (And yes, a faint line still counts as a positive!)

How accurate is it: Known as the most sensitive early test out there (and backed up by several scientific studies), the makers of the FRER say it can tell you you’re pregnant about five days before your expected period. Just keep in mind that pregnancy hormones might not have accumulated enough in your system yet (everyone’s different!), so it’s only 76 percent accurate five days beforehand, according to testing. The accuracy increases the closer you get to your expected period. Take it first thing in the morning for best accuracy (your urine may have more pregnancy hormones in it at that time).

Bumpies say: “FRER is the best. With it, I got a positive yesterday morning at 11 days post-ovulation.” — mrs.jenni

“I got a positive using a FRER at 9 or 10 days post-ovulation. The same day I got a positive on a FRER was the day my blood test at the doctor's office came back with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) of 8.79, so I would say they're super-sensitive.” — kellbelle618

Price: $16 for 2,

Photo: First Response
Best Online Cheapie Test: Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

How it works: These little strips aren’t the fancy handheld contraptions you’re used to seeing. They’re more like litmus paper from eighth-grade science class. Pee into a cup and dip the stick into the urine. Wait five minutes; then, similar to other tests, one line will appear if you’re not pregnant and two lines will appear if you are.

How accurate is it: The instructions say the Wondfo can detect pregnancy one day after a missed period, but some moms-to-be claim this test worked really early for them — we're talking as soon as 8 to 10 days post-ovulation.

Bumpies say: “Today, I'm eight days post-ovulation, and I tested this morning and got a big fat negative. But then I tested after noon (still eight days post-ovulation) and got a very, very faint positive line! I'm going to keep testing, until it's an undeniable, absolute positive! But I'm so glad I got these strips!” — whensongbirdsing

“I liked the Wondfos because I could use them 10 times a day and not feel bad about wasting them.”  — mimaloo

Price: $19 for 50,

Photo: Wondfo
Easiest-to-Read Test: Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Smart Countdown

How it works: Pee on the wide absorbent tip; then wait. Impatient for a result? A progress bar is displayed on the digital screen so you know the test is working. After three minutes, it will switch to “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” It doesn’t get easier to read than that, right?

How accurate is it: This test can be taken as early as four days before your expected period — trouble is, it’s only 51 percent accurate at that time. But take it one day before your expected period, and that stat jumps way up to 95 percent, while on the day of your expected period, it's 99 percent accurate.

Bumpies say: “I really liked the Clearblue Digital. I like that it's either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ — there's no trying to figure out if there's a line or not. I even ended up with a super-early positive — nine days post-ovulation.”  —MrsRenee

Price: $23 for 5,

Photo: Clearblue
Best-of-Both-Worlds Test: First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test

How it works: Think of this as a hybrid between the FRER and the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test With Smart Countdown. You use it the same way as the others, but a screen tells you “yes +” if you’re pregnant or "no –" if you’re not.

How accurate is it: The maker says it’s 60 percent accurate if taken five days before your expected period and 99 percent accurate if taken one day before.

Bumpies say: “First Response Gold Digital is the most sensitive digital out there.” — j_luvs_r

Price: $20 for 2,

Photo: First Response
Best Store-Bought Cheapie Test: New Choice Pregnancy Test

How it works: To take this test, collect your pee in a cup and then use the dropper that comes in the kit to add several drops of urine to a specific area of the test. Two lines appear if you’re pregnant; only one shows up if you’re not.

How accurate is it: Believe it or not, this test, sold at Dollar Tree stores, has a better reputation on The Bump message boards than some pricier, blue-dye tests do. Tests with blue indicators, such as e.p.t., get a bad rap for being hard to read. (Some claim the blue ones are prone to false positives, but as far as we know, that hasn't been scientifically proven.) The maker of New Choice says it’s 99 percent accurate, but there's no word on which day that refers to. The sensitivity of the test is said to be similar to e.p.t.

Bumpies say: “I got my positive test on Dollar Tree tests. I tested starting at 10 or 12 days post-ovulation and got my positive at 13 or 14 days post-ovulation. Once I got the positive, I went and bought a digital [to confirm the pregnancy].” — Mrs.Teddy

“I had a positive with my son at 10 days post-ovulation and a positive with my daughter at 11 days post-ovulation with Dollar Tree tests. The only thing that sucks about them is the method — that you have to collect pee and dropper it.” — cmeon_the_water

Price: $1 each, Dollar Tree stores

Photo: New Choice
Best Two-In-One Test: Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test With Weeks Estimator

How it works: Unlike other tests, it not only tells you if you’re pregnant — it can actually estimate how many weeks along you are! The pee stick includes two strips instead of the usual one, and both measure HCG, the hormone women produce while pregnant. If you’re expecting, the easy-to-read display will say “pregnant” and then offer up the estimated number of weeks since ovulation.

How accurate is it: FDA-approved in 2012, the Clearblue Advanced is 99 percent accurate — according to Clearblue — at detecting pregnancy from the day of a woman’s expected period. It’s accurate in estimating how far along she is — up to three weeks. But the company recommends following the pee stick test with a doctor’s visit to confirm results, since the estimator is just that — an approximation of the baby’s gestational age.

Bumpies say: “I used it when I found out I was pregnant, and it was accurate. But it only works until three weeks past conception, so it really doesn't tell you much.” —jasmineeelizabeth

“I used three Clearblue tests over two days, one first thing in the morning, and the digital answer ‘pregnant’ was much appreciated in an anxious time! And the weeks indicator was right on for me.” — Spenceda

Price: $25 for 3,

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