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8 Essential Accessories For Traveling In The Car With Baby

Whether you’re prepping for a cross-country road trip or just taking a quick drive to the store, here are the must-have travel accessories that will make your life a lot easier (and we love easy!).

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Sunshade for baby’s window

A sunshade means baby’s eyes are spared glaring UV rays — and you’re spared an unhappy baby’s crying! Bonus if it helps baby snooze. We love this one by JJ Cole because it’s simple to attach to your car window and not too expensive. $12,


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Travel snack pouches

Remember to pack goodies in case the hungries strike.  You’ll want food that’s easy to access in the car, but doesn’t pose a choking hazard (that means no hard fruits, big crackers or raisins). Bumpies love Itzy Ritzy’s eco-friendly, reusable snack pouches. They come in cool designs (hey chevron!) and, best of all, are machine washable. $19,


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Car seat monitor

The ChildMinder Smart Clip System snaps on to baby’s car seat strap and alerts you if the strap becomes detached, too loose, or if you forget to buckle baby in (hey, we know how tired you are). You’ll have time to pull over and readjust before anything happens. It’ll also trigger an alarm if you inadvertently move more than 15 feet away from baby, preventing you from ever accidentally leaving baby in the car unattended. $80,



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Soft books for baby

Bumpies love Jelly Cat’s colorful books that can be tucked into a backseat pocket and provide a much needed distraction during a car trip. You’ll probably have them memorized, so as long as baby can look at the pictures, you can “read” them to her from the driver’s seat! $17,


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Portable diaper pad

You never know when you’ll be stopped at a place where the bathroom changing station just doesn’t cut it. Ew. We love this one from Aden+ Anais. It’s made with durable — and washable — muslin and comes in cute patterns. $20,


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Backseat organizer

Safely stow soft books, sippy cups and other loose stuff in pockets and pouches. Most organizers just snap onto the backseat pocket like this one by Munchkin. We love that it has mesh pouches (we see you, pacifier!) and is made of durable Nylon. $10,


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Teething toy

She’s soft. She’s teethable. She squeaks. Baby can love on her for hours in the car. Buy one regular-sized Sophie la Giraffe for the diaper bag and keep a travel-sized Sophie in the car. You know he’s going to throw one on the floor while driving! $23,


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Pacifier friend

We would like to personally high-five the mom who created the wonder that is the Wubbanub. This pacifier-and-lovey-in-one is a must-have for a cranky baby, and it’s easy for baby to find in her seat. If baby takes a paci, consider picking one up for the car. $13,

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By Meredith Franco Meyers