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Baby bassinet in parents' bedroom.
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Sona Charaipotra

Top 10 Bassinets

Whether your nursery is traditional or ultra-mod, we’ve got just the right cradle to rock.

Baby’s first bed? Many moms prefer the cozy comfort of a bassinet for the first four to six months of baby’s life. Whether your nursery is traditional or ultra-mod, we’ve got just the right cradle to rock.


Baby Bjorn Baby Cradle

Simplicity reigns in this minimalist crib. But innovative design introduces a gentle springy movement. Thanks to the mesh fabric, you can easily keep an eye on baby without hovering.

Buy it: $280, Jet.com

Photo: Baby Bjorn

Monte Ninna Nanna Bassinet

With a decidedly minimalist design, the Ninna Nanna bassinet is a sleek addition to baby’s nursery (or your room). It's also decidedly cozy. Plush and comfortable, the removable cradle rests in a solid birch rocker base. It's available in two neutral color options that will match any décor.

Buy it: $395, MonteDesign.net

Photo: Monte

Babyhome Dream Cot

Cozy and compact the Dream Cot is a smart, simple sleeper that’s still portable (with its own carrying case, and wheels) and rockable. Nearly every part of the Dream Cot is washable, which will no doubt save you some late night angst.

Buy it: $249, Jet.com

Photo: Babyhome

Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Luxe Plus

You want to be able to quickly soothe your crying baby in the middle of the night, and if you can do that without getting up from bed, even better. This bassinet hovers right over your bedside and features a 360° swivel, mesh see-through walls and a collapsible side wall for easy access. The luxe model features soothing sounds, a nursing timer, a nightlight and a floor light for mom and dad.

Buy it: $299, Amazon.com

Photo: Halo

Graco Dream Suit Bassinet

This bassinet is definitely more than meets the eye. It easily converts to a changer, saving you coveted nursery space. Plus, a built-in two-speed vibration can help soothe baby.

Buy it: $113, Jet.com

Photo: Graco

UPPABaby Bassinet Stand

Already have an UPPABaby (one of our favorite travel systems), complete with the cradle component? Then this sleek and sturdy stand—in espresso or white—is a no-brainer, transforming the carriage bed into a snug and secure at-home bassinet with a safety-checked lock-in system, and easy folding for stashability.

Buy it: $150, UppaBaby.com

Photo: UPPABaby

Olin Bassinet

This solid teak bassinet is a modern twist on a vintage cradle. The rounded base even lets you gently rock baby to sleep.

Buy it: $400, LandOfNod.com

Photo: Land of Nod

BabiesRUs Keep Me Near Bassinet

Like a bouncer meets a playard meets a cradle, this little bassinet packs in all the features. The sleeping area can detach from the frame so you can easily move baby from room to room. And the whole unit’s on wheels for added portability. Need some help getting baby to sleep? A built in entertainment system offers soothing sounds and vibrations. And a storage unit is included right below just for you.

Buy it: $110, BabiesRUs.com

Photo: Babies R Us

KidCo Dream Pod Portable Bassinet

Need a travel-friendly sleeping arrangement for baby? KidCo has you covered. The fold-and-go design and 12-pound weight make it easy to pack up and take with you wherever you go. And the hardwood base with a soft fiber filling makes the bassinet the perfect mix of supportive and comfy for baby.

Buy it: $130, Kidco.com

Photo: KidCo

Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet

A classic design, this bassinet by Summer Infant offers a canopy, storage, and a built-in speaker. Plus, it’s got a silent sway option that does all the rocking for you.

Buy it: $180, Buybuybaby.com

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Photo: Summer Infant
PHOTO: Denis de Jonge / Getty Images