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Newborn Basics

Q&A: Sending Birth Announcements?

How do birth announcements work? When should I send them out by? And what goes on them?

Mail a printed announcement, send an e-card, text it, put it on Facebook, or Tweet it – there have never been more ways of letting your peeps know when your little one has arrived. There’s no bad way to spread the good news, choose what suits your personal style. 

Etiquette and How-To
Who to send birth announcements to, when, and what they should say.

Who? Send birth announcements to any friends and family that you think would like to celebrate the arrival of your newborn. Be sure to include anyone who came to your baby shower.
When? Send out your announcements as soon as possible but if it takes you six months to do it, everyone will understand that you have your hands full with baby. Do a little prep while you’re pregnant to get your cards out as soon as possible. Whether you choose a printed announcement or an e-card, pick out your design out before baby arrives. Once baby is here and you have her stats, get her info to the site or store where you got you bought your announcements and they should be able to quickly turn them around for you. If you opt for printed announcements, figure out what you would like to write, buy your stamps, and address your envelopes while you’re pregnant – believe us, it will be way easier that way.
What? Decide whether you want to include a photo on your card and think about what you will write. An announcement usually has an introduction - which can be as straight-forward or as sentimental as you choose, the birth details — baby's birth date, weight, and length (plus time and place of birth, if you like), and the parents' names, followed by the names of the baby's siblings.

Printed Announcements
Choose and customize a photo birth announcement at one of our favorite sites like Tiny Prints, Minted, or Paper Culture. Prepare to have your brain boggled as you sift through thousands of adorable cards – but have to choose one.  Browse Etsy to find a unique, handcrafted announcement – you can even get a customized announcement as a PDF file that you can print at home. If you more of a bricks-and-mortar type, drop by your local stationer’s shop and choose a bespoke announcement but expect to spend a lot more for it.  You can also order custom-printed announcements online from one of our favorite stationers like Greenwich Letterpress, Egg Press, and Luxe Paperie.

Digital Announcements
Sending an e-announcement might seem like it lacks formality for the occasion of a birth but with the abundance of clever and adorable cards online, it’s a terrific (and thrifty) way to go. Paperless Post e-cards are as gorgeously designed as anything created by a high-end stationer and your first 25 cards are free when you sign up for the site. Pingg offers charming, artist-designed announcements from names like Martha Stewart, Wee Gallery, and Simple te Design. If web is too passé for you, use Red Stamp - an iPad and iPhone app that offers 400+ stylish announcements that you can send by email, text, Facebook, Twitter, or paper postcards.

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updated 12/1/2011

By Kelly Alfieri