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Tool: Acetaminophen Chart

Keep track of baby’s acetaminophen (Tylenol) dosage with our easy to use chart, and you’ll ease your worries and baby’s aches and pains. But remember: The proper dosage is always based on baby’s weight, not age. Print this out for up-to-date info as baby grows.

  weight/dose type of medication  
  child: 6–11lbs
dose: 40mg
infant drops: ½ dropper (0.4ml)  
  child: 12–17lbs
dose: 80mg
infant drops: 1 dropper (0.8ml)
children’s liquid: ½tsp
  child: 18–23lbs
dose: 120mg
infant drops: 1½ droppers (1.2ml)
children’s liquid: ¾tsp
children’s chews or meltaways: 1½
  child: 24–35lbs
dose: 160mg
infant drops: 2 droppers (1.6ml)
children’s liquid: 1tsp
children’s chews or meltaways: 2
junior-strength chews or meltaways: 1
  child: 36–47lbs
dose: 240mg
infant drops: 3 droppers (2.4ml)
children’s liquid: 1½tsp
children’s chews or meltaways: 3
junior-strength chews or meltaways: 1½
  child: 48–59lbs
dose: 320mg
children’s liquid: 2tsp
children’s chews or meltaways: 4
junior-strength chews or meltaways: 2
  child: 60–71lbs
dose: 400mg
children’s liquid: 2½tsp
children’s chews or meltaways: 5
junior-strength chews or meltaways: 2½
adult regular-strength tablets (325mg): 1
  child: 72–95lbs
dose: 480mg
children’s liquid: 3tsp
children’s chews or meltaways: 6
junior-strength chews or meltaways: 3
adult regular-strength tablets: 1 to 1½
  child: 96lbs+
dose: 640mg
children’s liquid: 4tsp
children’s chews or meltaways: 8
junior-strength chews or meltaways: 4
adult regular-strength tablets: 2
    tips to remember
  • Talk to your pediatrician if baby’s younger than 3 months old or taking other medications.
  • Use the measuring cup or dropper provided.
  • Don’t be worried if the medicine doesn’t kick in for 30 minutes.

    active ingredients
  • infant drops: 80mg/0.8ml per dropper (shake well)
  • children’s liquid: 160mg/5ml per teaspoon (shake well)
  • children’s chews or meltaways: 80mg each
  • junior-strength chews or meltaways: 160mg each
  • adult regular-strength tablets: 325mg each

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Updated October 2012.