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10 Ways to Soothe a Sick Baby

Baby is under the weather, and all you want is for him to feel better — stat! Try these mom-recommended tricks for making baby more comfy while he’s on the mend.

"When my son’s feeling really bad, he likes to cuddle and have his back rubbed until the Motrin kicks in.” — LDriscoll

“Steam from a shower does the trick.” — AKay

“Eucalyptus aromatherapy oil has always worked wonders!” — SQusic
“Swaddling is my go-to solution. That, combined with lots of skin-on-skin contact, really calms my daughter.” — KThomas

“I make sure to suck the snot out of baby’s nose. It works.” — TDoby

“Lots of rocking and singing. I always modify the words to lullabies to make it more personal. That always makes her smile.” — MChiaradio

“If he has a fever, a tepid bath, popsicles and cold liquids help a lot. In general, I lie with him on my chest and rub his back while he sucks on a pacifier.” — HShott

“A good humidifier is key.” — DGoldman

“If she’s congested and can’t breathe, I hold her upright to help the airflow. Also, I find myself saying yes to more. Popsicle at 10 a.m.? Sure! I’m a total softie when it comes to sick kids!” — SGuyton

“A vapor bath followed by a saline rinse. And lots of cuddles.” — CPoland

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