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11 Baby Shower Dessert Ideas

There’s no better excuse (if you need an excuse) to eat delicious desserts than at a baby shower. Here are 11 tasty treats that are perfect for the mama-to-be's special day — or any day. Need more baby shower inspiration? Check out these gender-reveal dessert ideas, browse the pretty pictures on our Pinterest and get tips from our Baby Shower message board.

Chocolate Party Spoons

These Chocolate Party Spoons (spotted on the blog Delicious Delicious Delicious) can be personalized to fit the theme of your baby shower. Plus, they couldn't be easier to make! Get the full recipe here.

Photo: Photo: deliciousdeliciousdelicious.blogspot.com / The Bump

White Chocolate Popcorn

This White Chocolate Popcorn recipe is so easy to make! All you need: Popcorn, white chocolate morsels, M&Ms (in the color of your choice) and a microwave. For the full instructions, visit Scissors and Spatulas.

Photo: Photo: Scissors and Spatulas / The Bump

Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies

We came across these Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies on Sprinkle Bakes. Not only are they pretty (and so perfect for a baby girl shower) but blog author Heather describes them as causing "spontaneous bursts of happiness and confetti throwing." We're sold.

Photo: Photo: Sprinkle Bakes / The Bump

Colorful Cupcake Wrappers

Photo: Photo: A Subtle Revelry / The Bump

Rainbow Cupcakes

We love these eye-popping rainbow cupcakes (perfect for a gender-neutral baby shower), spotted on Spearmint Baby.

Photo: Photo: Spearmint Baby / The Bump

Milk and Cookies

How pretty is this display? The glasses are so elegant and we love the grown-up update on our childhood favorite. For the recipe of those (amazing-looking) chocolate chip cookies and more photos from this baby shower, visit The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Photo: Photo: The Girl Who Ate Everything / The Bump

Chocolate-Dipped Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies get a chocolate-dipped makeover in this baby shower from My Sweet And Saucy.

Photo: Photo: My Sweet and Saucy / The Bump

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

The ultimate baby boy shower dessert! These cupcakes are the most perfect shade of blue — Sprinkle Bakes blog author Heather gives instructions for getting the exact hue in the full recipe here.

Photo: Photo: Sprinkle Bakes / The Bump

Self-Serve Ice Cream Sundaes

Are there four words we love more than "ice cream sundae bar"? This baby shower (also from Bump Smitten) has bowls of chopped nuts, sprinkles and mini marshmallows, but you can easily personalize the concept by adding all of the mama-to-be's favorite toppings.

Photo: Photo: Bump Smitten / The Bump

Fabric-Covered Lollipops

Give regular lollies an upgrade by covering them with fabric. Plus, they make adorable party favors! For more photos and ideas, visit Spearmint Baby.

Photo: Photo: Spearmint Baby / The Bump

Blue Cake Pops

We love the orange and blue color scheme in this baby shower from Bump Smitten — and we'll never say no to cake pops.

Photo: Photo: Bump Smitten / The Bump