4 Crafty, Cool DIY Ideas to Celebrate Baby’s First Year

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March 2, 2017
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It was one year ago this week that I discovered I was pregnant.  Now, my almost five-month-old twins are laughing, smiling,  reaching and rolling over.  What they say is true — the time flies by! The first month in particular is a complete blur.

But I’ve found some ways to document my babies’ first year —  and here’s how you can, too! Check out these four whimsical ideas for re-purposing old calendars to celebrate some of baby’s biggest milestones.

1. Make a giftbox.  Fold a small paper box, origami style, out of the month your baby was born.  Embellish the date with doodles, adhesive baubles or whatever scrapbooking adornments catch your eye.  Use the box to keep something small and sweet in, like baby’s hospital bracelet or a tiny pair of booties.  (Tip:  The center of the calendar page will get the most attention.  Depending on the date you are trying to highlight, you may want to trim the page down, keeping the square shape.  This way, you can center the date as much as possible.)

2. Use old calendar dates to make a handmade envelope. Fold an envelope out of each month’s calendar page.  Don’t forget to make a note on each day where baby did something remarkable, like her first smile, laugh, or babble.  (Tip:  An easy way to make a nice envelope is to unglue a regular envelope and use it as a template to trace it onto the calendar page.  This way, you can customize which part of the design or which dates you want to feature).

3. A decorative paper bunting is a festive touch for baby’s first birthday party. Triangles or flag shapes cut from the months of the calendar can alternate with patterned scrapbook paper chosen to match the color theme of the party.   There are plenty of tutorials available online for both sewn and no-sew versions.

4. Make a shadowbox:  Gather up some mementos from baby’s birth like the hospital announcement, first pair of booties, and maybe a tiny t-shirt or onesie.  Use the calendar page from baby’s birth month as a background and decorate with your favorite embellishments.

How are you celebrating baby’s first birthday?

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