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Adorable Baby Clothes
profile picture of Sarah Yang
Sarah Yang

Adorable Baby Clothes

Revamp baby’s wardrobe for spring with these adorable and new styles.

Red Romper

This romper comes in such a fun and bold color. It’s sure to become a spring and summer wardrobe staple. $30, TeaCollection.com

Button Down with Tie

Baby will look so put together in this button-down and tie combo shirt. $12, OldNavy.com

Polka-Dot Tee

This T-shirt combines our three favorite things: polka dots, cupcakes and puppies! $7, Carters.com

Gingham Trousers

How adorable are these trousers with gingham cuffs? For your preppy little guy. $30, Gap.com

Colored Skinny Jeans

The colored denim trend is really taking off this season — why not put baby in some cool colors too? These jeans also come in red, pink and yellow. $20, OldNavy.com

Graphic-Print Onesie

This super-soft, organic cotton onesie comes in a fun and simple print. And we’re not the only fans of Softbaby Clothes — celebs like Hilary Duff, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Garner have bought some for their babies too. $30, Soft-baby-Clothes.com

Ruffle Tunic

Pair this ruffly tunic with some leggings for an extra-comfy outfit for baby. $15, ChildrensPlace.com

Monkey Bodysuit

Baby will be looking tough in this bodysuit. $31, Appaman.com

Strawberry Dress

So sweet for springtime! $36, BodenUSA.com

Striped Applique T-Shirt

We love the submarine on this whimsical tee. $24, BodenUSA.com

Cargo Jacket

Baby will look too cool in this cargo jacket. Plus, it’s lightweight for warmer months. $40, AE.com

Tulle Dress

We love this whimsical tulle dress — it’s perfect for family gatherings and birthday parties. $50, Gap.com

Skull Shorts

A fun skull pattern for your little troublemaker. $18, ChildrensPlace.com