Nature-Inspired Baby Shower Ideas

Daydreaming of a beautifully rustic baby shower? We've got some great ideas for you.
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Updated April 26, 2017
nature field of yellow flowers
Image: Tim Mossholder
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Image: Laura Wilson / The Bump

Get Creative!

Cakes and games aren’t the only places your personality should come through—these festive tree stump sign holders are an easy way to add charm to your fete!

Image: Laura Wilson / The Bump

Decorate the Food Table

This tablescape is so simple and charming, it’s like you took a page out of the Little House on the Prarie book! Mix your decor with your food—flowers that look freshly picked are a good way to make the space intimate and original.

Image: Laura Wilson / The Bump

Don't Be Afraid to Go "Matchy"

It seems like matching decor sometimes gets a bad rap, but it can totally work! Repeating the same type of flower—in the same vases—gives an abundant feeling that makes guest think of a field of wild flowers—and who wouldn’t want to imagine that?

Image: Laura Wilson / The Bump

Use Earthy Containers

Bet you never thought of using terracotta pots to hold utensils—but how adorable is tihs? It’s a shower must-have your guests won’t forget.

Image: Laura Wilson / The Bump

Skip the Tablecoth

The food table is one of the most important focal points of a shower, aside from the mom-to-be! Choose a rustic wood table and nix the tablecloth to play up the nature feel.

Image: Laura Wilson / The Bump

Add Some Romance

Rose-carved candles make a beautiful statement—and great gifts for game-winners or special guests.

Image: Laura Wilson / The Bump

Choose Simple Over Swanky

Create a drink-mixing station—it’ll become a place to mingle. This one brings the outdoors in, with natural lighting, sheer leaf-motif curtains and a rustic side table.

Image: Raquel Frechette / The Bump

Don't Be Afraid of Color!

If you thought planning a rustic, nature-inspired shower met skipping color, think again! You can have the best of both worlds, we swear. Incorporate your favorite hue using bright, colored tissue pom-poms and other accents.

Image: Raquel Frechette / The Bump

Create an Owl Theme

These adorable owl dessert plates are easy table decorations, and we really love the outdoorsy touch they add!

Image: M. Hassell Designs and More / The Bump

Make a Baby Banner

String together a banner, accented with baby animals. It’s an adorable touch you can add to any space at your shower. Plus, it can double as decor for baby’s nursery!

Image: M. Hassell Designs and More / The Bump

Create a Themed Cake

These fondant owls punch up the personality of a simple white cake, and give a whimsically woodsy feel.

Image: M. Hassell Designs and More / The Bump

Make Mushroom Cupcakes

No cake? No problem! Transform any ole cupcake into mini mushrooms—just ask your local baker if the design is one he can copy. Or, if you’re feeling daring, these funky little funguses are the perfect DIY project!

Image: M. Hassell Designs and More / The Bump

Choose an Outdoorsy Favor

Guests can stick their pink or blue pinwheels outside once baby arrives!

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