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Q&A: Any Tips For Breastfeeding In Public?

I'm nervous about a nip slip! Any tips for breastfeeding in public?

Practice, practice, practice! While you're at home, nurse baby in front of a full-length mirror to see what everyone else is seeing. You'll probably find there's actually a lot less boobage exposed than you thought. And checking your reflection will help you find the least-revealing position. Experiment with different nursing tops to find what works best for you. Many moms go for loose button-downs or layer with a cardigan to avoid an exposed breast. Nursing camis are popular too (you won't have to lift your shirt and show off your tummy). You could also use a receiving blanket or a nursing cover for extra discretion. If you're still nervous, find a place to nurse that's out of the way. Take the corner table at the café, or ask a store clerk if you can use a fitting room for extra privacy (public bathrooms can be gross and usually don't have seating). Buddying up is a great idea, too, since you'll probably feel more comfortable among supportive friends. Find breast buddies at a baby playgroup, a breastfeeding support group or any baby-friendly places in your neighborhood. And don't worry—as time goes on, you'll get more comfortable "eating out."

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