Baby Shower Theme: Nursery Rhymes

From Jack and Jill to the Itsy Bitsy Spider, get creative with a Mother Goose theme.
ByAllison Micarelli
Mar 2017
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Bring mom-to-be’s imagination alive with a nursery rhyme-themed baby shower. From the invitations to the favors, infuse the event with favorite Mother Goose-inspired details. Give the classic theme a modern twist by going coed (or _Jack-and-Jill _style).

The Invite: We love these nostalgic cards by Goosey Press, featuring vintage silhouetted nursery rhyme graphics and a black-and-white gingham ribbon. Choose from pink, aquamarine, or chartreuse envelopes. $14.50 for set of 8,

The Decor: Continue the classic black-and-white theme with the decorations. Top black-and-white gingham tablecloths with all-white place settings (reminiscent of _Little Bo Peep’s _white sheep) and tie black balloons to the back of each chair (a la Ba Ba Black Sheep). Add a simple, colorful accent with the floral arrangements — red roses and blue violets, of course.

The Cake: Enlist an artsy friend to help you decorate cupcakes with nursery rhyme characters like three little pigs, three blind mice, an itsy-bitsy spider, and a cow jumping over the moon. For the perfect complement, set up a tea station (a la I’m a Little Teapot) at the dessert table.

The Game: Round out the theme with a game of fill-in-the-line nursery rhymes. Choose 10 popular nursery rhymes and write out all but the most famous line. Make a copy for each guest and task them with filling in the missing lyric. Winner gets a copy of _ Favorite Nursery Rhymes From Mother Goose_(illustrated by Scott Gustafson, $13). Tip: Plan on more than one winner and order a few copies of the book. Materials: papers and pens.

The Favors: Send guests home with star-shaped treats like Linzer cookies (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, of course). Pick some up or use this recipe from to make your own; then use a black-and-white gingham ribbon to tie them in small cellophane bags.

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