Baby Shower Theme: Stork Delivery

Get tips for throwing a cute and memorable stork-themed shower.
ByAllison Micarelli
February 28, 2017
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It’s American folklore at its best: A beautiful white stork delivers baby in a basket to an expectant family’s doorstep. If only childbirth were really that easy! Let mom-to-be soak in the fantasy for a day with a classic and gender-neutral stork delivery-themed baby shower.

The Invite: Go simple and sweet with something like these customizable Stork Bundle invitations by Stacy Claire Boyd for Tiny Prints, which feature a baby in a gingham bundle. $82 for set of 50,

The Decor: The newest trend in baby showers is asking guests to bring their gifts unwrapped. This gives mom-to-be and guests more time to socialize (added bonus — less bending and lifting for the mom-to-be) while providing an incredibly easy decor theme. Set out large woven baskets lined with swaddling wraps for guests to drop in their unwrapped gifts.
The Cake: Continue with the clothespin theme and order cupcakes topped with a frosted clothespin-and-diaper decoration. Then, set out a diaper cake (nonedible, of course) to double as decoration and much-needed essentials for the new mom. Click here for an easy how-to.

The Game: When will baby be born? Take a poll! Have each guest write their name and the date they think baby will arrive on a piece of paper, and hang it on a clothesline. Whoever guesses correctly will receive a little something extra in their thank-you card. Our favorite idea: Give the lucky-with-numbers winner $10 worth of scratch tickets. Materials: paper, pen, and clothesline.

The Favors: Send guests home with their own bundle of joy. Package a handful of Jordan almondsin cellophane bags and wrap them up in a pretty fabric. Tip: Go to a local fabric shop to purchase a yard of your favorite fabric and cut your own squares. Satchels can be tied with a matching ribbon.


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