10 Best Baby Noise Machines to Soothe Your Little One

Lull your little to sleep with the help of a baby sound machine.
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December 14, 2021
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If there’s one thing every new parent needs, it’s sleep—both for baby and themselves. For many families, a sound machine is a helpful tool in the pursuit of a restful night’s sleep. Often babies are soothed by white noise—likely because it reminds them of the ambient sounds they were exposed to in the womb. Plus, it helps block out other household noises that could potentially wake them up.

An interesting fact? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), infants naturally prefer human voices to other sounds (particularly if the voice in question is that of a caregiver). And many new baby sound machines now include a human shushing sound; some even give parents the option to record their own voices.

But before you crank up the volume on any old sound machine and call it a day, there are a few more things you need to consider. First, you’ll want to keep the volume of your white noise machine low (under 50 decibels) to protect your child’s hearing. It’s also important to place baby sound machines out of arm’s reach from the crib so that your kiddo can’t grab the cords as they grow. Alternatively, you can opt for a wireless sleep soother. Ready to find the best white noise machine for baby? We’ve done the research and selected the best sleep soothers to help fast-track your babe to sleepy time.

Image: Courtesy WavHello

Wavhello Soundbub Ollie The Owl Bluetooth Speaker and Soother

This Best of Baby award-winning sound machine has plenty of lullabies and white-noise sounds to choose from, including ocean waves and human shushing. It turns off automatically, thanks to a handy timer setting and it’s super-lightweight, meaning you can chuck it in a diaper bag when you’re on the move. And because you can’t always be there to sing your little sweetie to sleep, this owl soother lets you record your own message or song for it to repeat. Cute and functional? Sign us up!

Buy it: $50,

Image: Courtesy Yogasleep

Yogasleep Hushh Compact Sound Machine

Next up on our list of the best white noise machines for baby is the Yogasleep Hushh. This clever device has three different modes that emit variants of its signature ambient sound of rushing air: bright white noise, deep white noise or gentle surf. Weighing in at a minuscule 3.8 ounces, the sound machine is easy to transport and operates overnight on a single charge, making it the perfect travel companion. It also offers great sound quality, and you can control the volume from whisper-soft to very loud. Plus, a gentle amber LED night light provides just enough glow to see by without causing wakefulness for parent or baby. With so many great features, it’s no surprise that this sleep soother is a Best of Baby award-winner too.

Buy it: $30,

Image: Courtesy Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher: The Sleep Miracle

Shushing is a tried-and-true trick for calming fussy babies—but sometimes a parent can only do so much soothing. For moments when you run out of steam, try this doctor-tested (and approved) baby sound machine that makes a rhythmic shushing sound that mimics those in-utero noises. Volume controls help ensure these sounds will be heard even over baby’s loud cries. Oh, and did we mention that celebrity stylist (and new dad) Tan France pegged this as one of his must-have baby sleep products?

Buy it: $34,

Image: Courtesy Hatch

Hatch Rest +

Talk about smart: Not only can you control this white noise machine from your phone, but you can even create customized sleep programs for bedtime, naptime and more. The top-rated device comes with 11 soothing preset tracks, including nature sounds and three classic lullabies. Plus, the sound machine has a dimmable clock and a built-in nightlight that emits a rainbow of calming colors. Control the smart device with the handy companion app or by using Alexa voice commands.

Buy it: $90,

Image: Courtesy Skip Hop

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother Elephant

Skip Hop knows a thing or two about sweet, stylish nursery gear. Case in point: The Soother Elephant. Like many of the best white noise machines for baby, this pick is equal parts stylish and practical. The little elephant features a dimmable glowing belly, four lullabies and four calming white noise tracks, including one with a rhythmic heartbeat. Better yet, this soother can even project stars and moons onto the nursery ceiling. Set it on a timer or leave it on all night long. One thing to note is that this device must be plugged in, so it’s not the best option for parents looking for a portable sleep soother.

Buy it: $45,

Image: Courtesy Munchkin

Munchkin Nursery Projector & Sound System

If endless rocking, bouncing and shushing won’t do the trick, try out Munchkin’s innovative baby sound machine. Choose from seven ambient sounds, lullabies and Mozart compositions that play as adorable images are projected onto the wall. Better yet, this white noise machine doubles as a multi-colored nightlight, which either rotates through the full rainbow spectrum or displays the color of your choice. The versatile system is fully customizable and has three timer settings (15, 30 and 60 minutes), so the noise will automatically turn off once baby is in dreamland. Simply set the calming combination that works best for your little one and you’re good to go.

Buy it: $33,

Image: Courtesy HoMedics

HoMedics MyBaby Portable SoundSpa in White

HoMedics is a tried-and-true brand in the world of sleep products. That’s why we’ve included the MyBaby Portable Sound Spa in our roundup of the best white noise machines for babies. Programmed with six sounds babies love, this machine helps block out environmental noise so your little one can relax. Tracks include heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, cradle and brook sounds. It also has an automatic shut-off timer. Plus, the compact, lightweight design is perfect for soothing relief on the go.

Buy it: $25,

Image: Courtesy FridaBaby

Fridababy 2-in-1 Portable Sound Machine + Nightlight

You’ll never have to be parted from baby’s white noise machine again thanks to this clever, portable design by Fridababy. This compact, lightweight sound machine features a baby-safe clip that can be attached to a stroller, car seat or crib. It offers five soothing sounds, including shushing and a noise that echoes a heartbeat. Better yet, it’s USB rechargeable and boasts a nightlight with three different glow levels. It’s proof that good things really do come in small packages.

Buy it: $26,

Image: Courtesy VTech

VTech Wyatt The Whale Storytelling Baby Sleep Soother

This palm-sized baby sleep soother is one of the best we’ve seen. Wyatt the Whale is a Wi-Fi enabled device that comes pre-loaded with 10 lullabies and 10 soft, ambient sounds to help baby relax. Better yet, this sound machine has a storytelling function too. Use the VTech Wyatt App to swap out stories, songs and sounds that best suit your child’s sleep patterns. And, as if that wasn’t good enough, the glowing whale also works as a nightlight and projects story scenes onto the ceiling.

Buy it: $50,

Image: Courtesy Marpac

Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

This classic white noise machine is simple and oh-so-effective. The unique asymmetrical fan creates a constant, smooth swooshing sound of rushing air without the disturbance of actual moving air. You can choose from two fan speeds for different noise options. It may not have tons of fancy features, but it does have the approval of thousands of Amazon reviewers.

Buy it: $45,

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