The 13 Best Baby Brands for Too-Cute Newborn Onesies

No infant wardrobe is complete without an adorable newborn onesie or two.
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By Emma O'Regan-Reidy, E-Commerce Editor
Updated July 31, 2023
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Newborn onesies (also known as bodysuits) are an important part of any infant’s wardrobe. Why? The versatile baby clothes can be worn on their own, with pint-sized pants or a teeny tiny sweater, day or night. Whether it’s the middle of summer or winter, there’s a newborn onesie out there to keep baby cozy and comfortable. Below, browse our favorite newborn onesie brands—plus, read our top tips to streamline your shopping experience.

How Many Newborn Onesies Do You Need?

Whether you’re a new or a seasoned parent, you may be wondering: How many newborn onesies do I need? According to Ali El Idrissi, founder and CEO of UpChoose, an organic baby clothes rental service, “based on data from thousands of UpChoose parents, we’ve found that 8-10 onesies is a good benchmark for the first size.” While this works well for the majority of families, of course that number may vary based on your needs and preferences, such as if you have “access to at-home laundry facilities,” he adds. Nicole Rattner, mom and creative director of and designer for Rockets of Awesome, adds that “it depends on your style—some moms have little ones in onesies day and night, while others keep them just for sleeping.” All in all, El Idrissi reminds parents that babies grow quickly, so it’s best not to overstock on the tiniest sizes as they may only be used for the first few weeks. “It’s about finding a balance between having enough for your baby’s needs and avoiding excess,” he says.

What To Look For in Newborn Onesies

Now that you know how many newborn onesies you’ll need, here’s what to look for as you stock up:

  • Fit. First and foremost, make sure you’re buying the correct size for your little one. Rattner advises parents to choose snug-fitting newborn onesies for baby’s safety.
  • Material. Newborns have delicate skin, which calls for high-quality, soft and breathable fabrics, says El Idrissi. Rattner suggests choosing natural fabrics that are soft and won’t irritate, like bamboo. “Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester, which are not as breathable and can contain chemicals and dyes that may irritate a baby’s sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions,” El Idrissi adds.
  • Ease of use. During late-night changes, the last thing you’ll want is a newborn onesie that won’t cooperate. Opt for designs that are easy-on, easy-off for added peace of mind and convenience in the long run. These could include kimono-style bodysuits, onesies with envelope necklines or even options with zippers. El Idrissi recommends looking for newborn onesies with bottom snap closures so you can get to baby’s diaper in no time.

Best Newborn Onesies Brands To Shop

From simple, modern designs to adorable personalized options, we’ve covered all of the bases when it comes to the best newborn onesies. Below, discover our favorite brands to shop now.

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Overall best newborn onesies brand

What We Love
  • Offers a wide range of basics, funny styles and options for cold weather
  • Most of the brand’s onesies are 100 percent cotton and machine-washable
  • Complete with bottom snap closure for easy diaper changes
Things To Consider
  • Not all styles are available at every retailer

Fun fact: Did you know Gerber invented newborn onesies, and that the term is trademarked by their brand? So it should be no surprise that they’re at the top of our list. From sweet, simple styles to funny graphic designs, they have a wide selection of individual onesies and bundles to choose from. If you’re looking for great basics, they have a convenient 10 pack available in versatile black, gray and white or a variety of colors. Plus, they also have long-sleeve newborn onesies and even turtleneck styles available for chillier weather.

Sizes: Newborn to 24 months | Price range: $9.99 to $50.97

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Best organic newborn onesies brand

Finn + Emma
Image: Finn + Emma
What We Love
  • Offer a range of seasonal styles, from Halloween and Christmas to Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July
  • All made from 100 percent organic cotton
Things To Consider
  • 0-3 months is their smallest size option

Next up is our pick for the best organic newborn onesies brand. Finn + Emma is known for their buttery soft materials and modern aesthetic, ranging from whimsical to minimalist designs. Each onesie is made from 100 percent GOTS-certified organic cotton, so you can ensure it’s super gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. You’ll also appreciate easy-snap fasteners to make diaper changes that much easier. If you’re looking for seasonal newborn onesies, this brand has got you covered—plus, they have sweet styles for newly minted little brothers and sisters.

Sizes: 0-3 months to 9-12 months | Price range: $12 to $34

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Best personalized newborn onesies brand

Caden Lane
Image: Caden Lane
What We Love
  • Offers an array of personalized and seasonal styles
  • Most onesies are made from premium bamboo fabric
Things To Consider
  • 3-6 months is the smallest size option
  • No changes are allowed once your order has been submitted

When it comes to naming the best brand for personalized newborn onesies, Caden Lane checks all of the boxes on our list. As you scroll, you’ll find a variety of adorable bodysuits, most of which can be customized. Whether you’re looking for a simple design adorned with baby’s name, a funny newborn onesie or a totally unique find, they’ve got you covered.

Sizes: 3-6 months to 18-24 months | Price range: $24 to $26

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Best colorful newborn onesies brand

Image: Primary
Buying Options
Primary|From $16.00
What We Love
  • Made from 100 percent organic cotton
  • Gender-neutral, slogan-free aesthetic
  • Bottom snaps for simple diaper changes
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
Things To Consider
  • Machine wash cold is recommended
  • Standard shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may take up to 16 business days

Add a pop of color to baby’s wardrobe with the help of this newborn onesies brand. Primary is known for their vibrant range of infant clothing in simple, versatile styles. From side-snap onesies to too-cute tank-top designs, they have it all—and in every color of the rainbow. What’s more, you’ll appreciate how the majority of their bodysuits are made from 100 percent GOTS-certified cotton, ensuring they’ll be soft, stretchy and gentle against baby’s delicate skin. Searching for savings as you stock up? Opt for one of their cost-effective bundles.

Sizes: Newborn to 18-24 months | Price range: $16 to $24.50

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Best affordable newborn onesies brand

Image: H&M
Buying Options
H&M|From $9.99
What We Love
  • Offers a variety of styles in soothing earth-tone colors
  • Inclusive sizing options for newborns and toddlers
  • Convenient multipacks are available
  • Affordable price points
Things To Consider
  • On some styles, the neck is quite wide, according to reviewers

Stocking up on baby clothes doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Case in point: H&M’s budget-friendly newborn onesies. The bodysuits are available in an inclusive range of sizes, to fit the tiniest of babies up to older tots. While scrolling, you’ll come across convenient multipacks of adorable designs; it’ll be hard to decide which are your favorite! Some standout styles include these wrapover bodysuits and these standard short-sleeve onesies. No matter which you go for, you’ll be able to choose from plenty of soothing neutral hues.

Sizes: <0-1 months to 4T | Price range: $9.99 to $49.99

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Best newborn onesies brand for preemies

Image: Carter’s
What We Love
  • Inclusive sizing options for preemies, newborns and infants
  • Convenient multipacks are available
  • Affordable price points
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
Things To Consider

-P size is suitable for newborns up to 6 pounds

The best preemie clothes are those thoughtfully designed with the littlest of little ones in mind. If you’re on the hunt for soft, practical onesies for preemies, Carter’s will have your (and baby’s) back. Choose between celebratory newborn onesies that commend them on graduating from the NICU, sweet dinosaur prints or soothing neutrals. Best of all, there are plenty of multipacks available for added convenience.

Sizes: P to 24 months | Price range: $7 to $32

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Best white newborn onesies brand

Kissy Kissy
Image: Kissy Kissy
What We Love
  • Made from durable, ultra-soft Pima cotton
  • Matching accessories available
Things To Consider
  • Higher price points than other brands on our list

Searching for luxe newborn onesies? You can’t go wrong with Kissy Kissy. Each piece in their collection is made from premium-quality Pima cotton that you can count on to be ultra-soft and durable. Plus, they have a large selection of white newborn onesies that are perfect for those looking for staple pieces to stock up on. Some standout designs include the pointelle long-sleeve bodysuit, the collared onesie and the classic short-sleeve option. For a too-cute newborn coming home outfit, matching hats, mittens and booties are available for a coordinated look.

Sizes: Preemie to 12-18 months | Price range: $24.50 to $58

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Best newborn onesies brand for multipacks

Honest Baby Clothing
Image: Honest Baby Clothing
What We Love
  • Offers a variety of styles, including sleeveless, short-sleeve and long-sleeve
  • All bodysuits are made from 100 percent organic cotton
  • Convenient multipacks and preemie sizes are available
Things To Consider
  • Changes can’t be made to an order once an hour has passed
  • Most styles are only available in multipacks and can’t be purchased individually

As a new parent, chances are you’ll be doing a lot of laundry. To help yourself out, stock up on multipacks of newborn onesies, like these convenient sets from Honest Baby. (Trust us: You’ll be thanking yourself in the near future.) Depending on your family’s needs, choose between 2-packs, 3-packs, 5-packs and 10-packs. And if you’re looking for basics, you’ll also appreciate the several bundles of white newborn onesies they have available.

Sizes: P to 24 months | Price range: $17.99 to $59.99

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Best long-sleeve newborn onesies brand

Cloud Island
Image: Cloud Island
Buying Options
Target|From $9.00
What We Love
  • The brand also offers cute short-sleeve styles
  • Convenient multipacks are available
  • Affordable price points
Things To Consider
  • Some reviewers say the material of some styles is thinner than expected

Even though you may find it warm outside, baby will probably need an extra layer or two. That’s where these top-notch long-sleeve newborn onesies from Cloud Island will come in handy. They’ll offer a cozy base layer to keep your little one toasty in chilly weather. Better yet, the brand offers plenty of adorable styles to choose from. Our favorites include this set of waffle-knit bodysuits or these buttery soft modal options, to name a few.

Sizes: Newborn to 24 months | Price range: $9 to $18

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Best newborn footed onesies brand

Bonsie Baby
Image: Maisonette
What We Love
  • Thoughtfully designed to encourage skin-to-skin contact
  • Footed style is ideal for day or night
  • Available in a variety of adorable patterns and colors
Things To Consider
  • Most styles are line dry only
  • No sizing available for older infants

Newborn footed onesies are similar to baby pajamas, but they’re intended to be worn day or night. Thoughtfully designed by a mom and a therapist, these adorable styles from Bonsie Baby were created so parents can easily enjoy skin-to-skin bonding time with baby. Simply undo the side Velcro straps to open the top-half of the onesie for straightforward snuggles, any time, any place. On the bottom, you’ll find elasticized waistbands to allow for simple dressing and diaper changes. If you’re searching for cute patterns or colors, you’re in luck—just check out this cool checker print, this buzzy bee illustration or this classic navy option.

Sizes: Newborn to 6-9 months | Price range: $27.99 to $39.99

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Best newborn kimono onesies brand

Monica + Andy
Image: Monica + Andy
What We Love
  • Wide selection of newborn kimono onesies, as well as other styles
  • Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Preemie sizes are available
Things To Consider
  • Some styles aren’t available in sizing for older infants

When shopping for newborn onesies, you’ll notice there are several necklines to choose from. One favorite among parents is the kimono style due to their functionality and cuteness. With these sweet one-pieces from Monica + Andy, you can easily slip baby in and out of their clothes, and simply tie the wrap top for straightforward dressing. You’ll also appreciate how they’re made from GOTS-certified, organic cotton and machine-washable for added convenience. Some options we think you’ll have heart eyes for include prints like the sun print, apples and puppies—how sweet!

Sizes: Preemie to 6-9 months | Price range: $18 to $36

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Best high-end newborn onesies brand

Image: Maisonette
What We Love
  • Simple, modern designs
  • Several neckline options available
Things To Consider
  • All styles aren’t available at every retailer
  • Some reviewers say they wish the fabric was a bit stretchier

High-end newborn onesies make for great baby shower gifts. One of our favorite brands for luxe infant clothing is Pehr. Cute animal illustrations and classic stripes are just a couple of the timeless designs printed on these luxe onesies for newborns. Depending on your and baby’s preferences, choose from kimono-style, button-up or envelope necklines to find the perfect fit for your little love.

Sizes: 0-3 months to 12-18 months | Price range: $18 to $59

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Best versatile newborn onesies brand

Baby Mori
Image: MORI
Buying Options
MORI|From $23
What We Love
  • Each bodysuit is made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo for supreme softness
  • Convenient multipacks and sweet gift sets are available
Things To Consider
  • Higher price points than other brands in our roundup

Last but not least is our pick for the best brand for versatile newborn onesies. All of MORI’s high-quality bodysuits are made from organic materials, so you can count on them to be soft and sustainable. Plus, their sweet, earth-toned aesthetics are sure to pair well with everything else in baby’s wardrobe. Looking for newborn kimono onesies? They’ve got you covered, in addition to several other standout styles, like this ribbed long-sleeve bodysuit or this short-sleeve option, both with easy-on and -off envelope necklines. Prefer prints? Opt for their Very Hungry Caterpillar or Peter Rabbit designs. What’s more, MORI’s baby starter set (complete with 12 essentials, including bodysuits) would make a great baby shower gift!

Sizes: Newborn to 18-24 months | Price range: $23 to $485.70

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How We Chose the Best Newborn Onesies

We get it—newborns need a lot of new gear, including pint-sized clothing options that will keep them cozy and comfortable. To help you find the best newborn onesies, we combed through dozens of options from leading baby brands and trusted online retailers. When choosing which ones to feature in our roundup, we considered a list of criteria, such as fabric, sizing options, variety, value and style, to name a few. We also read user reviews to understand how these newborn onesies have worked for real families, and didn’t consider anything with less than an average four-star rating. Lastly, to streamline your shopping experience and the early days of your parenting journey, we spoke to two baby clothing experts. This way, you’ll know what essential features to keep top of mind as you browse.

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Ali El Idrissi is the founder and CEO of UpChoose, an organic baby clothes rental subscription service, based out of San Francisco, CA. He earned a master’s degree in international economics and finance from Columbia University and a master’s degree in international affairs from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris. Previously, El Idrissi was the vice president of impact investing at J.P. Morgan.

Nicole Rattner is a mom and the creative director of and designer for Rockets of Awesome, a baby and children’s apparel company. She is also the co-CEO of The Hedgehog Company.

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