The Best Parenting Podcasts to Get You Through the Day

In need of some sage advice or comic relief? Give a listen to one of our favorite parenting podcasts.
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March 12, 2019
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Podcasts are one of our favorite ways to get parenting advice. Why? Because you can soak in all that know-how while you workout, commute, clean the house, breastfeed or pump—whatever is on your endless to-do list. (And we know mamas are master multi-taskers.) From heartfelt to hilarious to helpful, these are the best parenting podcasts around. Have a listen!

What Fresh Hell

The tagline says it all: Laughing in the face of motherhood. Funny moms Amy Wilson and Margaret Ables, who are both stand-up comics and also each have three kids, tackle all the parenting woes you deal with everyday. There are episodes about clutter, sleep training, toddler discipline, how to not go insane while stuck inside in the winter—things you’re guaranteed to worry about at some point in your parenting journey.

Listen here:

Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

This is like having your own personal parenting coach at your fingertips (or in your earbuds). From discipline woes to developmental concerns, Janet Lansbury will teach you how to handle it with grace and composure (at least most of the time). And if her advice on how to be responsive instead of reactive with your kids doesn’t work, just play them the podcast—Lansbury’s voice is so soothing.

Listen here:

The Mom Hour

Sometimes you don’t really want an expert, you just want to hear from a mom who’s been there. This parenting podcast is like sitting down with your mom friends—if those friend happen to be super-wise and more experienced, given that co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight kids between them. Episodes run the gamut from answering listener questions on drama at preschool (oh yes, it happens) to expert guests talking about things like defining family culture or raising only children.

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We Knows Parenting

Beth Newell and Peter McNerney are basically couple #goals. These comedians have two kids together and are putting it all out there in this parenting podcast. You’re sure to laugh along, because it’s all so real and oh so relatable, even if you and your partner aren’t nearly as funny as these two. In each episode, they recap their parenting highs and lows of the past week, answer listener questions and make you wish you could be BFFs.

Listen here:

Comfort Food

What’s for dinner? If only that answer was simple! There’s nothing more fun than a great family dinner full of laughs and good food—and nothing more frustrating than when it doesn’t go that way. Moms and writers Amy Palanjian and Virginia Sole-Smith have one main takeaway for parents of picky eaters: Your kids are totally normal! Don’t worry, they’ll also give you plenty of strategies for how to make sure the kiddos are still eating a healthy diet, and that you don’t lose your mind in the process.

Listen here:

Best of Both Worlds

This is one of the best parenting podcasts around for working moms. It’s all about nailing that balancing act between being a career woman and the best mom ever. (Tip #1: Listen to this as you commute!) The show covers everything from setting career goals to making more time for fun with your kids, all with a no-judgement and you-got-this attitude.

Listen here:

The Longest Shortest Time

Think of this one as the ever-popular This American Life, but for parents. This addicting parenting podcast features incredibly gripping human interest stories about kids, families and parents. You can really jump in anywhere, listening to the fascinating adoption story of author Nicole Chung or radio host Terry Gross’s intimate conversation about why she decided not to have kids. Or skip right to one of their most popular series: The Accidental Gay Parents, the multi-episode true story of a trans man and his partner who literally became parents overnight.

Listen here:

One Bad Mother

Getting a vaccum for Christmas, having your kids actually laugh at your jokes, dealing with ER trips—this parenting podcast covers it all, with a sense of humor. Anything you’ve ever been embarrassed to talk about, hilarious hosts Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn go there. Why? They think parenthood could have a whole lot less judgement and a whole lot more laughing. And we’re totally onboard with that.

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Join the SuperMamas Sisterhood! Mexican-American moms (and sisters!) Paulina and Bricia Lopez strive to create a community where moms of all backgrounds can feel welcome, have some fun and learn something new. Whether they’re talking about their own kids’ struggles or discussing poop with a guest dietician, you know their commentary will put a smile on your face.

Listen here:

Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Mom and Dad Are Fighting is a cult favorite–and for good reason. This hit parenting podcast from Slate Magazine expertly combines hot button parenting issues, current events and witty banter to create an honest, and often hilarious, show about parenthood.

Listen here:

Published March 2019

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