Bumpie Tip of the Week: Advice for Breastfeeding Success

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March 2, 2017
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Having trouble feeding baby? You’re not alone! The moms on our Breastfeeding message board shared the #1 piece of advice they wish they’d known when they first started breastfeeding.

“I am sure people have told you, but you will be sore at first. Make sure to get some good lotion, like Lansinoh cream. That was a lifesaver for me!” –dureem

“Good advice I’ve gotten from moms is that if it hurts to breastfeed (as in not just tender nipples, but actual pain) get help from a lactation consultant right away—don’t suffer through it because you assume things will heal. The lactation consultant at my hospital said that most pain is caused by an incorrect latch and that if you don’t correct it, it’s just going to get worse.” –Jinnifah

“Get the numbers for local support groups and lactation consultants if you have a difficult time at first.  Be committed, but make sure you have a good latch and don’t continue if it is super-painful without making some changes (breastfeeding should not be very painful if done properly, but a bad latch can cause a lot of pain).” –theresat858

“Make sure you have Lanolin for the first 6 weeks or so and apply it after every feeding and after you shower.  Also, give your breasts plenty of air time.  That will help with the pain.” –sarahandeddiejune212008

“Ask your hospital if they have a lactation consultant that can come in and help you.  There is nothing like on-the-job training and guidance!  You can read about it all you want, and take all the classes you want, but the best help will come from someone seeing and helping you.” –gracie__r

“I start pumping as soon as I get home and start storing milk. I found the best thing to do was pump about 2 ounces after each feeding from each breast.” –theabbey5

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“My advice is to learn about your anatomy.  It was news to me that I had ‘flat’ nipples, which affected my son’s latch.” –courtfsu

“Your milk is most abundant first thing in the morning; if baby only eats off one side, you can pump the other to start your stash.  Don’t be surprised if you get very little when you first start pumping (just because you only pump 1 ounce doesn’t mean that’s all baby gets nursing).” –EMO-mamma

“Check your insurance policy!  I was pleasantly surprised to find that mine completely covers a lactation consultant to come to my house the week I am home from the hospital, and mostly covers a second visit within two weeks after the first.” -MissMusic

“You have to remember that both you and your little one are learning. The key is to not stress out, or your baby will pick up on that.” –Wifey4Lifey

Still having trouble? Get advice and support from the moms on our Breastfeeding message board and check out our expert’s advice for how to solve the top 10 breastfeeding problems.

What advice would you give a mom who is having trouble breastfeeding? What tips or tricks were helpful to you?

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