Bumpie Tip of the Week: All About Breastfeeding!

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Updated March 2, 2017
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New to breastfeeding? There are so many rumors, tips and tricks about breastfeeding these days - so we went to our breastfeeding Bumpies on the Breastfeeding board!

“Take time for yourself. If you have hit the wall, it is okay to hand the baby off and take a shower or eat or refill your own water. Relax and don’t doubt yourself.” -Crash Into Me

“Growth spurts happen frequently. Dont think you’re not producing enough. Just keep nursing and you will get through it.” -EmpireMomof3

“Do what works for you. If your baby is growing and you are okay with the process that its taking to get baby the food it needs - then don’t let anyone guilt you into another process.  Find time each day for YOU - if thats a shower, a bath, 30 minutes TV show.  Find a way to hand the baby over (or lay down the baby to sleep in a safe spot) and take the time for you.” -opaque1997

"Don’t be surprised if you are engorged and in pain when your milk comes in after a few days (or it may take up to a week). To help get the milk flowing, apply hot compresses (like hot face cloths) before nursing, nurse baby on demand, and you can also use cold compresses (like cold gel packs or frozen peas) for 10 minutes every hour for 24 hours between nursing sessions to relieve swelling. The best advice I ever received was “‘don’t quit on a bad day!’” -MomIn2013

“ALWAYS go to the bathroom before you start a feeding even if you don’t have to because 5 mins in and you’ll have to go!  It’s ok if baby cries while you take 45 seconds to go to the bathroom.” -cltk12

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“Your breasts are two separate entities - one may be faster, bigger, fuller, easier to latch, harder to latch, different size/shape/color nipples, etc.  Unless it’s extreme, in which case see a doctor,  it’s totally normal!  Baby might like one side more, or one position more, just keep offering both and different positions.” -EMO-mamma

“Know that if you have to supplement or baby does get a bottle in the hospital, IT ISNT THE END OF BFing.  Prior to having my LO, it was drilled into me how horrible bottles were and when she needed one at 24 hours old (jaundice and refusal of the tube at my breast), part of me thought it was the end of our BF relationship forever.  Thankfully I was stubborn/determined and we worked through it.” -theresat858

“Soothies gel pads are amazing especially when LO is cluster feeding.” -Meggy T.

“Check out if your insurance will cover a lactation consultant, and if so which ones, prior to delivery. Having the number on hand prior is really helpful.” -shell041783

“Don’t start pumping too early! It is tempting to pump when you are engorged, but you could create an oversupply problem. Try to let your body adjust to what baby is actually eating, and if you really need some relief, express some milk by hand.” -mandy522

“Learn how to nurse side lying! When newborns are up to eat every 1-2 hours those first 2 weeks this was an amazing position.” -PennyLane26

“If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong doesn’t count for the first six weeks. Don’t get down on yourself thinking you aren’t doing it right. See a LC, or several, until you feel comfortable that you are doing it right.” -Ordzbby

“Drink up. Water, lemonade, Gatorade, just do it!” -Brendamndz

“You call the shots when it comes to feeding.  Get your husband on board and have a plan ready- be prepared to adjust your plan as needed.” -ClaryPax

“You can’t overfeed a breastfed baby.  If they want to nurse every hour, for 45 minutes, let them.  That might be what your body needs to get the signal to make more milk.” -TJ1979

“Breastfeeding is hard.  Like really, really hard.  You will probably underestimate how tough it is going to be.  You will have days where you sob wondering how is this ever going to get better.  You will have nights that never seem to end.  And then one day the fog clears and BAM!  You and your baby are breastfeeding, happily and pain free!” -hpoff33

You Tell Us: What are your tips for breastfeeding baby?

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