9 Ways to Celebrate Yourself This Mother’s Day (and Why You Should)

It’s not just your loved ones who should be honoring all that you do—give yourself some credit too.
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By Nehal Aggarwal, Editor
Published May 5, 2022
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With Mother’s Day around the corner, your loved ones are likely cooking up ways to make you feel special this holiday. But let’s be honest: While a handmade macaroni necklace and a homemade meal courtesy of your toddler are heartwarming gifts, it’s just as important to recognize your own hard work and success and gift yourself something that truly refills your cup.

This Mother’s Day, use the weekend to carve out moments to take care of yourself—you deserve it! While your loved ones are always there to support you, finding ways to honor yourself not only helps boost morale, but it also serves as a reminder that you’re enough and doing a great job. Below, check out some ways to prioritize yourself this Mother’s Day Weekend (and beyond!).

Sleep In

High on any mom’s lists of wants is just a little more sleep. To celebrate yourself this Mother’s Day, ask your partner or a loved one to look after baby for a couple of hours so you can get some much-needed rest and relaxation. We’re betting any and all Mother’s Day celebrations will be more appreciated once you’ve gotten a chance to catch up on some sleep.

Get Your Nails Done

There are few things more relaxing than having some time to primp—and getting your nails done is a simple and often affordable way to do that. Treat yourself to an afternoon at your favorite nail salon and maybe even throw in a service you normally wouldn’t get, like a specialized pedicure. For added relaxation, opt to turn off (or at least silence) your phone during the service! (If you can swing it, why not make the nail appointment part of a day well-spent at the spa?)

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Catch Up With Friends

Between caring for kids, spending time with a partner and balancing other work, moms are frequently left with little to no energy to spend on other relationships. This Mother’s Day, plan a brunch, dinner or coffee date with friends. If you’re meeting outside the house, take advantage of the occasion and pick a restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to. The meal can even serve as a joint celebration if you’re meeting up with other mom friends.

Sneak In a Workout

You’ve just gotten to a workout class when you get a call from daycare because your child isn’t feeling well. Or, you’re five minutes into your at-home routine when your toddler starts crawling all over you. Sound familiar? If so, know you’re not alone. Have a loved one watch baby this weekend and finally sneak in that workout. Bonus: Exercise is proven to improve physical and mental health, and you’ll be able to better take care of loved ones if you’re also taking care of yourself.

Start the Day with Affirmations

Motherhood is stressful, to say the least, but beginning the day with affirmations can help provide a positive outlook. Plus, it can serve as a powerful reminder that you’re doing a great job—a fact that’s easy to forget in the constant shuffle of daily life with little ones. Use this time to reflect on how much you do and how far you’ve come. (While doing this on Mother’s Day morning is a great way to celebrate yourself, working it into your daily routine can boost overall confidence and perspective.)

Rediscover Old Hobbies

Remember those things you loved to do before becoming a mom? Maybe it was going for a sunset run or catching a movie. Or maybe it was grabbing a book and spending the afternoon reading at a cafe. Whatever the activities, carve out an opportunity to return to them. Motherhood brings plenty of changes that can often make moms feel less like themselves. Indulging in a familiar hobby will not only bring joy, but it’ll also show that—despite all the changes—you still remain you.

Splurge on a Gift for Yourself

Baby can easily become the center of most shopping trips these days. (Who can resist all those adorable outfits?) While your family will likely be showering you with Mother’s Day gifts, why not show some self-love and buy yourself a present too? Treat yourself this Mother’s Day by finally getting that blanket, lipstick, diffuser—you name it—you’ve had your eye on. This could even be something as simple as a bouquet of flowers that caught your eye at the grocery store or a baked good from your favorite bakery.

Check In With Someone

The doomscrolling is real, especially given the state of the world these past couple of years. It can be easy to feel burdened. Now add in little ones that look to you to take care of them. If you, like so many other parents, have been feeling overwhelmed in recent months (or years), prioritize taking care of your mental health by reaching out to a loved one or checking in with a mental health professional. However you choose to do it, ensure your mental health is being cared for year-round, not just on Mother’s Day.

Allow Yourself to Do Nothing

Moms spend the better part of their days running around and chasing after tiny tots. This Mother’s Day, find some peace and quiet by allowing yourself a true day of rest. Sleep in, don’t worry about cooking meals, watch that episode you’ve been wanting to, read a book—spend the day in your ideal way. This will require some support from loved ones, as they’ll need to watch, feed and care for the kiddos, but don’t be afraid to ask for a day to yourself. We all need some time away every now and then. While Mother’s Day serves as the perfect occasion to have a lazy Sunday, don’t limit the opportunity to once a year. It’s important to lean on your support system. In doing so, you’ll replenish your energy and be better equipped to help care for loved ones in turn.

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